Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Married The Guy You Cheated On Me With!

So we got together some years ago; after one date you asked me to be yours.
I was nervous since we only knew each other for four weeks but I decided to take a leap of faith
You said I was lucky to have you because my ex had cheated on me and you said you would never do that to me.
I was your first for a lot of things, which I felt special to be. You supported my decision to do what I wanted to for me.
Never before had I felt like I truly was lucky, to be with someone like you, who really loved me.
We had very little in common, which was funny. Different music, culture, food, and race. All of that didn't matter - we both seemed happy together.
A part of me felt something was wrong...I ignored it thinking it was me paranoid about nothing.
I am offered a job in another state...maybe it was wrong, but I felt like I had to leave you behind.
I wanted to be an asshole so I treated you like crap as I kicked you out of my life so I can take the job.
I drive home full of regret and drive back to you hoping you'd forgive me for what I had done.
You seemed to have forgiven me, but I knew I had lost your trust.
However, I hoped that you would learn to trust me again.
I start to work really hard at work and in school, trying to create a life that would be good for us both.
I end up working too much and schooling as well, sometimes going days without talking to you.
You tell me about your "friends" you have and I know they were guys. However, I turn the other cheek
because you told me you would never cheat on me because you didn't even want to blow these guys.
I let you live your life not wanting to be controlling feeling like I had to give more to you so I can be forgiven.
One day months later, its more quiet than usual after you told me the night before how much we need
to go to a theme park and spend time together. The day that things flipped upside down and spun out of
control, I felt like something was ripped apart inside me. You told me you didn't want to be with me any longer and not giving me a straight answer and making me wonder. You tell me to hang on because you still wanted me in your life one way or another. I blamed myself thinking this was 110% my fault, and try to show you that I really loved you and still called you my girlfriend. Months go by and I drive myself nuts trying to win you back and found out there was another. I get fed up with competing and confront you both causing a scene, but funny I'm hearing the other didn't know about me. I find out more info that really was were banging him on the day we were celebrating my birthday. Through others in your circle of friends and family, I found
out you were banging half of So Cali! One guy, two guys at once, even three guys in a two hour space.
Sending the kiddies upstairs while you did the deed in your family's house bathroom, were you smoking weed?
Sure you admit only after it was all said and done - I already found out so what was there to lose? The guy I was competing with. The guy I really hated. The guy who said he had no clue about me, later do I realize there was a hole in the story. He was porking you from the very beginning of the time you started to cheat.
Obviously it was a cover story so I wouldn't beat the snot out of him.
He acts like he wants nothing to do with you. Later after I walk away, you say that I should have learned to be more patient...whatever that means.
Three years later I happen to see you were still working at the place in the building I was hired for a job at.
I see you, but I'm pretty sure you didn't see me - I decide to not work at the place cause I didn't want to see your face.
Now forward to today, I see you have the surname of the guy that told me the final months of our relationship was really a lie. Amazing how things turn out despite the pain you caused, I really hope you don't do what you shouldn't have been doing. Cheating on me, while your family was asleep.
And of course, a part of me will always wonder - could things have been different?
Maybe in another lifetime...
Although if you were to come up to me and wanted to start over, I would say no way because I don't love you and never could again. What am I feeling? Maybe territorial - should have been me? Maybe a hurt ego? I wasn't good enough so you became a slut meeting random guys. Maybe disgust? Innocence you showed... that was it, it was only a show. Maybe stupid? Yeah that, too!
For the last four years, I have been with another - one that has been not only loving but likes for me to keep tabs on her cause it shows I love her.
Now I am about ready to control my destiny further and buy myself a huge house, my father a car.
All that bling you always liked to see on those rap videos on MTV.
You wanted to visit your family in Southeast Asia, can you imagine what this latin guy could do - could have flown us both just to make you smile.
Miss me yet?!
Man I feel better!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Am I Here?

I've come to a point in my life where I don't know what to do and where to go anymore.  I'm 30 years old and I have nothing to show for it. My friends can be counted with one hand.  My family are living hundreds and thousands of miles away from me.  Everyday, I do the same thing over and over again. I wake up, I go to gym, I go to work, I come home, I watch TV, I go to bed.  On the weekend, it's even worse. I wake up, I go to gym, I come home, and I do nothing... My mind is driving me insane.

Tell me, what is the purpose of life? Why are we here? And please don't give me any of your religious bullshit. Been there, done that, didn't help.  People are so fake. They smile in front of you. But, as soon as you turn your back to them, they're ready to stab you.

Why am I here? What's my purpose?  I'm too lonely.... just too lonely...

Monday, June 28, 2010

"I'm Effin Pregnant"

I was in a relationship with the same guy for 2 yrs. It started off just casual and then after about 8 months we decided to make it official. I let him meet my kids, interact with them, spend time with us at family gatherings, and everything in between. We even went on vacation together this spring. After coming home from a place that was warm and not reality... everything changed. He told me we should just split up, then 3 days later he said he didn't mean it. I was so hurt by that! So when he said he didn't mean it I told him I thought he was right and enough was enough, we should end it. Well 3 weeks later..... I find out I'm F-ING pregnant and so screwed. I am already a mother of 2 without any support, now this????????????? OMG anybody out there with an opinion please help, good or bad!  Do I try to work things out, keep the baby, my head is going crazy, how can I trust a guy who changes his F-ING mind every 3 days????

Friday, June 25, 2010

Party Girl

My girlfriend went home to visit her family for a week. She, basically partied every night with her friends. She parties alot with her little sister, and all her friends. So if she is out until 4 or 5 am, I get the excuse that she is with her family. but it's more like her sister and a slew full of guys. Anyway my issue is that she didn't even wan't to come home. So much that she extended her stay an extra night. And the day she was coming home she was texting me: "I wish I could stay :( "

I'm so flustered, I don't even know what to think anymore. Her side is that she does not get to see her family and friends and misses them very much. But it's not exactly a "Brady Bunch" family visit. Because she just parties everynight there. I fully understand she misses her family and wan't to give her space. But shouldn't she be excited to come home? Also her job requires her to be working on the road alot, probably 10 to 15 days per month, where she also likes to party late at night with her regular crew of friends that work with her. She went to Dublin Ireland for 3 weeks, and would call me every night. One night she didn't call me until like midnight my time and it was 6 am there. She said she was chasing her girlfriend all night cause she was super drunk.

I do have some issues with woman, based on past relationships. And I realize that I probably shouldn't have gotten into one until I worked out these problems, but it is too late, and we are in love. I can't get over the fact, of a past relationship with someone. Who says they love you everyday, you tell eachother about your deepest intimate emotions, to later find out that they have been fucking behind your back the whole time. (My so called friend who I put on my couch, called and told me after he moved away) so that's how I found out.

She is always asking me to marry her? Which is confusing to me, as her life of partying does not seem to fit this criteria. And before she left we found out she was pregnant, but decided she did not want it. I did but I know I can't force her, as it is a dual decision. But she just went and partied it up.

This is quite a messed up situation, I don't know if anyone has been there, or has any advice for me to say to her. Because she always seem to come up with a likely story, and turns it around on me. Which makes me feel like I am wrong. I dunno, maybe I am.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Man Cold

So I don't know about the rest of you gals out there, but when I am sick I am really sick.  If I am not completely and utterly sick then I carry on with my life as usual.  I go to work, I cook, clean, exercise, smoke my cigarettes and enjoy my glass of wine, along with all of life's other joys.  However, when I am really sick, I just want to put myself out of this misery and go back to bed.

But for some reason my husband expects me to stick toilet paper up my nose, drink some tea and get on with it.  I get no sympathy.  There is laundry to fold, dinner to be made, and he has some heavy duty video games to play--  A$$.  I could be sicker then a dog and one minute he will tell me to relax, and the next he is complaining about the house being a mess and how he has had to do evvverrything (insert whiny tone here).  On the other hand when he is sick it is the end of the freakin world.  I call it the man cold!  You know when men are sick, they expect us to do everything for them, while the snivel and cough on the couch.  When I am sick I unpack the dishwasher, I make my own tea, I do it all, but when he is sick, its over.  All I hear is I am so sick, I don't want to do anything.  But when I am sick all I get is complaints about how he has so much to do.

So this morning when I woke up and my throat felt like I ate a weed wacker for breakfast, I immediately wished I was a man so I could call the boss tell her I ain't coming, and sit down on the couch where I could watch wonderful daytime TV, but I am sorry Ellen, Day's, Oprah and all my day time TV friends, I am not a man, so I have work to do.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No Love For His Son... No Love For Me?

Queen of the rant,
I am in love with a man that has a child that he doesn't see. He is a wonderful guy in every way. He states he doesn't see the child because the mother just wanted a baby and does not want anything to do with him now. She won't even accept money because she does not want him to have visitation rights. He has done nothing in court or otherwise to stand up for his rights. They broke up because she was very controlling. He has seen the child once but that is all.  He is from the Philippines and maybe the mother thinks he might take off with the boy. He is now 18 months old. What do you think? I say how can he love me when he does this to his own child. Why wouldn't he fight to see his son?  If he won't fight for his son, what makes me think he will fight for me?  What kind of father will he be to my child one day?  I do not know if he is worth pursuing anymore, but I love him!  Any advice you have would be appreciated.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Boyfriends Best Friend


My boyfriend actually he's my fiance', has a best female friend that has been his friend long before I came into the picture. However the only reason why they just stayed friends according to her is that he is not her type but if he was I know he would have tried to hook up with her on a relationship level. He's told me this himself which I think wasn't a good idea to tell me. Anyway I have been trying really hard to deal with their friendship especially since she assured me that they are just friends and she has no intentions on taking it any further with him. They both said they look at each other like brother and sister. Even though I'm 99% sure they are just friends and it's not sexual in any means I still get a little annoyed at how close they are.

Here's some of the things that annoy me. They are always texting and talking to each other on a daily basis. They both work for the post office and were working at the same office until she moved to another office recently so I can understand they may have work related issues to discuss but the way they talk to each other just puzzles me...There are times when they tell each other "I love you", and they call each other baby sometimes, (which he does have a habit of calling women baby in general), I know for a fact he tells her things he doesn't tell me, they say little nasty remarks to each other sometimes, they have a night where they bowl on a team together. I know they meet up for lunch some times which he doesn't tell me about, I just found this out on my own. I really don't think this is cool because when he does things behind my back I feel he's hiding something.. If they are just friends what's wrong with him telling me they have lunch sometimes!

Am I just jealous or would this bother some of you if your mate had a friendship like this. I know there could be a part of me that could just be jealous because I gave up all my male friends when I got into this committed relationship because I just feel it causes problems in the relationship when you are constantly dealing with the opposite sex and they become a priority over your mate. I also moved here solely to be with him so I have no friends here at all. So perhaps his friendship with this girl stands out more because I don't have my own friends here. I'm also the type of woman that if I do have a male friend and he gets into a committed relationship I back off a little because I wouldn't want to make his woman uncomfortable. I surely wouldn't be texting and talking to him constantly but that's just how I feel about things. Well I'm basically just ranting because I'm not going to do anything about it because other than this our relationship is fine and we get along good. I just hate to have things waying on my heart so I thought I would see what others thought. And yes I have spoken to him about this before and he tells me I have nothing to be concerned about because they are just friends and I should let it go...I'm seriously thinking of finding a male friend of my own and see how he likes it if I treat him how he treats his female friend...

It's Not My Baby's Fault!

Dear Queen,
I can't stop the tears from coming out of my eyes...
I am 7 months pregnant, extremely happy with my fiance, we have a beautiful relationship and and awesome life together I love him with all my heart. But there is one thing that really gets to me: HIS FAMILY!

Brian and I have our own apartment and have been independent now for 7 months, which coincides with the time I have of being pregnant, and in those seven months, no one has come over to see how we are doing, to visit, to hang out, just to be nice...
I know they might not like me. I am sort of a loner and keep to myself most of the time. I never give my opinion without it being asked and try to stay as far as possible from family problems, but COME ON! My baby is THEIR blood and nobody seems to care.

When I first told my mother in law we were having a kid, the first thing she told me is that if we wanted to abort she would support us...
IDK maybe I'm just being sensitive but it truly hurts. I had plans of doing my baby shower this weekend and had to cancel it because it seems everyone has something to do that day! For some reason, everybody is busy that weekend and I am stuck with a bunch of invitations that never made it to their intended guests...

I have (literally) no family here since they are all in Mexico or scattered all over the states, and since like I said, I keep to myself alot, I only have a handful of close friends.

In seven months, I have only got ONE present for my baby. And like I said, no visits, no company to my Dr.s appointments, JUST NOTHING!
I can't help it but cry. The only one that has been there is Brian's sister who has a 4 month daughter. She gives me advice here and there but is too busy learning how to be a mom as well to focus on cry-baby me.

My fiance works over 12 hours everyday and I just feel alone all the time! I know I have to be strong but I do wish things were a little different because if his family doesn't like me THAT IS NOT MY BABY'S FAULT!
Crying Pregnant Woman
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Friday, June 18, 2010

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Once a cheater, always a cheater?

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Please Help-Need Advice

I'm married with a two year old son.

Around a year and a half ago, I became close to a female friend of mine, who is also married. This grew quickly and I fell in love with her and she fell in love with me. It kept growing and growing and got to the point that we could not see enough of each other, finding every spare moment to spend together and trying not to arouse suspicion amongst our partners.

After around 9 months this turned physical. Soon after our partners found out. By this stage I was so in love with her that I told her that I would leave my wife to be with her. She decided not to do it, saying that she couldn't live with herself breaking up my family and she believed that in the long run it would be better for me to stay with my wife.

This wasn't an easy decision for her and we made a date to end our relationship. I decided to move overseas with my wife and son as I felt like I could not set her free and set myself free if I remained close to her. I wanted her to be happy and live her life as she had planned it before I came along. We had many tearful farewells and I left.

Now I have been overseas for four months. I feel completely lost and lonely. My every thought wants to be back with her. I've tried so hard to rekindle my love for my wife, but I feel nothing for her. I want the best for her and want her to be happy but I just can't love her and give her what she needs.

She is determined to stay with me and although she has crucified and crucified me so much over being with my lover she still maintains her love for me.

The other factor is my son. He is so happy, he loves life and he loves my wife and I. It would break his heart for us to be apart. But my heart is broken, I am such a mess...every day I just have to tell myself that I'm doing this for him and have to pretend to my wife that I love her and want to be with her.

And I know back home, that my lover is dying inside too and wants me as much as I want her. She was brave and selfless to choose not to be with me. But I question every day whether it was really the right decision, and I'm sure she does too.

I feel like I can never be happy again. I feel that I have no option but to suffer in silence and be with my wife for the good of my son. But this suffering is driving me into depression and I feel helpless and feel like giving in.

I don't know what to do....please help....and please do not berate my for what has happened, just please help me build my future. I do not love my wife at at all.

Whats Wrong With A Older Woman?

Why is it that men don't want a 40 something woman with a young child? Is it, that they want a 20 something with perky breasts and no brain? Are men really afraid of a strong intelligent woman in her 40's with kids? I think men are afraid of intelligent women in general. They seem to want someone they can dominate easily................ Am I wrong?

The only guys that try to pick me up either are too young, or they don't have anything, no car, no job, and no ambition.  Why do men want to date young women, who are immature, and will end up leaving their asses for the next financially established man that comes along.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bachelor Party- Expecting The Worse

My man friend (I refuse to call him my husband til he puts a ring on it) is going to a bachelor party on July 3rd.  Since we have been together he has never gone to a strip club, and we are not clubbers, but if we do go it is together.  I am obviously not going to the bachelor party, but I have an idea of what to expect- the worst.  I have not told him that I have concerns because I do not want to seem controlling or clingy, but I cannot stop picturing strippers, lap dances and other party favors.  I trust him, but not when he is drunk out of his mind (also picturing this).    I am going crazy, my mind keeps wondering what will happen, and not knowing will be even worse.  I don't know what to do, I don't know if I should tell him whats bothering me, or let it go and see what happens, ahhhhh.. I have never had to be concerned about this sort of thing before, I just want to scream!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Women & Their Weight


Since you are a woman maybe you can help me with this.  My wife and I just had our first child four and a half months ago.  My wife put on a bit of extra weight, obviously, and I do not care one little bit.  Personally, I think it looks good on her.  However, she is beating herself up over it.  She is constantly calling herself fat, wears these over-sized clothes, and she will not get involved with me romantically.  Every single time she looks in the mirror she gets so mad, and then takes it out on me.  I tell her she is beautiful, and I even organized a night out and she refuses to go.  I do not know how to get her out of this slump.  I do not want to make a big deal out of it, or I will make things worse I think, but I do not know what else to do.  I just wish she could see what I see-- a beautiful mother of my child.  It is to the point where she will not eat anything, and then she is so tired that I am stuck with trying to take care of our son by myself.  Why do women make such a fuss over their weight.  She wanted kids, and what... she did not expect to gain weight?
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They Say Communication is the Key to Any Successful Relationship

Dear Queen,

They say communication is the key to any successful relationship.  Well my husband does not seem to think so.  Yesterday I get home from work, to find a new treasure covering my husbands eyes.  Yes sunglasses, nice sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses, that I know cost quite a bit of money unless you are like me and buy knock offs or get the best deal on eBay.  You see my husband has been talking about getting new sunglasses for a while now, and despite my pleading to have a look for some deals, he simply does not make any purchases.  That was until yesterday.

A little background to this story, you see my husband went on a house boating trip with a few friends of his a couple of years before we met.  From what I hear he had just bought new sunglasses and then jumped into the lake, and there his new sunglasses lay to this very day, at the depths of the Shuswap Lake covered in weeds and lake skum most likely.  My first thought is if it took only days to lose the last ones, what does the future hold for this pair.

I say, oh you got new sunglasses in a high pitched voice.  He replies, yeah and I am not going to tell you how much they cost either.  

Well this did not make me feel any better.  I got the newer version of my last pair.
Oh even better, because now I am guessing they were more then the $250 ones you bought years ago.

Well that was all I needed, I turned on the silent treatment and have not budged since then.  He kept poking for information as to why I am mad, hmmm let me give you a effing hint right in the gut!  I think he knows exactly why I am mad, and if he did not then why the guilt and never ending questions?

Later on a friend of ours is over, and he accidentally spilt the beans, the glasses cost $300!

You see we are not rich, actually we are far from that.  I have not bought a $300 anything since... well I cant even remember that's how effin long ago it was.  I buy the majority of my clothing used, and I am desperately trying to skimp and save to purchase a house in the most expensive city in Canada, which he has not contributed to one measly bit.

The glasses are not even what is bothering me, it is the fact that he went and made a substantial purchase without even telling me.  I would never do that, I should treat myself every once and awhile, but I don't.  I could think of 300 things we need more then a $300 pair of glasses.  Quite frankly I think I look better in a fake pair of Fendi's then the real thing any day, and I can laugh at all the suckers who paid too much money for the real thing.  So this summer when we are at the lake what does the future hold for Ray Ban Part II?

Perhaps, I should go and blow our rent money this month on a new laptop, something I have had my eye on for years...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Family Matters


I love my family. They have their ups and downs but they are great people. I owe my dad my life. He is the best man in this world in my eyes, but he is getting older now and his house is showing it. My husband hates going to see my family. I mean he does not mind the actual family so much but does not like the small town they live in, and he is a clean freak so my dads place horrifies him. It is always a fight to go and see my family, but he grins and bears it sometimes so I am happy when I finally do get to see them. I just wish I could see him more, and if I could maybe I could help out more around the house so that my husband feels more comfortable. The problem is that he does not even really speak to his family, because of past problems, but don't make me suffer because of your family issues. I just wish he would see how much my family means to me, and understand that my dads better years are over, and I need to see him more now then ever. I recently went to see him and his hands and arms are shaking, and I do not know why. I am worried that if I don't get to see him more and I lose him I will resent my husband over it. I don't know if I would ever get over something like that!
Shiatsu Massage Chair

Friday, June 11, 2010

Toxic Intoxication


My husband has a drinking problem.  He just cannot control himself.  There is no such thing as one effin drink for him, and after about the third he turns into this loud obnoxious idiot.  I usually just go to bed so I do not have to listen to him tell the same story about when he was 18 blah blah blah...  The worst part is when he comes to bed, and I have to wake up early for work.  He either wakes me up by being super loud, turning on lights, blaring his music or actually waking me up and talking to me.  Sometimes he does not do anything, but if he is in a bad mood he will be rude to me, call me names, and babble on about nothing.  I have told him I HATE THIS, and it will stop for a little while and he always apologizes, but then he will start up again.  I have been surrounded by alcoholics my whole life, and now I have another one laying right next to me every night.  It is so irritating, and I do not know what to do about it, I feel like I have tried everything, short of leaving him.  I love him, but I hate his drinking, why can't he just drink like a normal effin person.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I Love My Wife...

Is this guy not the best?

This is a list of twenty things that my wife does that I love her for:

Constantly nags but about what I don’t know.
Remembers too many damn anniversaries.
Is never satisfied with my appearance.
Tells me I’m rude but then cuts me off in my rebuttal.
Will shop all day and then return everything the next day.
Has no concept of being on-time to anything.
Let’s me know when I’m wrong but forgets when she is.
Cannot stand cuss words except when she is using them on me.
Tells me I cannot drive but then expects me to drive where-ever we go.
Wants a fair equal relationship except with the bills.
Thinks her cooking is the best when actually mom’s is better.
Will force me to dance even without me being drunk.
Has PMS way too often.
Thinks our kids are angels when I know they are devils.
Will get mad about things that I have no idea of why.
Always sides with my mother on any issue involving me.
Accuses me of looking at other woman and then tells me that I would have no chance of getting anyone else anyhow.
Believes that “guys night out” means I am going to the Nudie bar.
Is looking to trade me in for a newer model any day now.
Gets a kick out of punishing me.

But the main reason I love my woman is that:

She puts up with all of me each and every day without poisoning my food.

College Snuggie

Calorie Counting Children- Continued

So I thought you may want to know where I am at with this crazy baby mama drama.  Well, I emailed her, despite my husband asking me not to contact her, and now I realize why he does not bother confronting her about so many things, because she does not know how to listen.

Now I will admit the email was not as polite as it could be, but in no way was I intending to insult her.  Now I just want to email her and tell her that she is a horrible mother and her son hates her.  However, being the bigger person, I will simply remain silent, which I think pisses her off even more.  What makes me mad is that all I was trying to do was open her eyes, and told her not to put so much pressure on her son.  She did not address anything in my email, but rather she went off about a million other topics, and did not answer any of my questions.  I know I made her mad, BTW we went back and forth a couple of times, our anger increasing as the number of emails did.

So my main argument was this...
What I believe is going on here is that you yourself have a problem with your self-esteem, and believe that you have a problem with your weight.  And until you are happy with who you are inside and out, you will continue to inflict this unnecessary pain on your child. 

And she replied...

You crossed a definitive boundry when you claimed to know anything about my personal beliefs or struggles.

Then she sends me all these links to websites that say that obese children are at risk of all these ailments, well he is NOT obese, and and tom dick or harry could of wrote that, especially when you look at the websites policy and it tells you that they can not be held liable for any content on this website and the damn thing is filled with advertising!  Stress can cause those same health problems, so lay off the kid.  I HATE HER, and I do not hate a lot of people, but this women is crazy.  She uses all these big words like they scare me and then has the nerve to tell me to get educated, when I have a BA and she did not even graduate high school.  I guess I will have to wait for this to blow up in her face to get my point across, the problem is that the only person that suffers is the boy.  KARMA is a B&T%H, and I do not doubt it will bite her in the A$$ one of these days!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuning Him Out

Queen of the Rant,

So me and my boyfriend and a friend of ours are driving home from work yesterday and my man keeps asking me questions, some of them he had to ask twice because I simply was not listening.  I can tell he is getting a little miffed that he keeps having to ask me and say my name, and finally he says to his friend, she does not listen to me as you can see.  So I reply, I am sorry but sometime I just tune you out.  Well that was it, he went crazy, it obviously made him mad, but I was just being honest. I mean when you are around men as much as I am you tend to just not listen after a while.  I hear pieces of the conversation like boobs this, and beer that, but honestly if the conversation is not intriguing or does not involve me I simply tune it out.  It is from years of listening to some of the stupidest conversations in the world- the man conversation.  They never talk about anything serious, and nothing with emotion so truthfully it is quite boring.  So whats the big deal you have to ask me twice, whoopie- do you know how many effin times I have had to ask you a question to get a response out of you while you are playing video games or watching UFC?  Having a conversation with a man is like pulling teeth!  Not to mention I just got off work and my mind is still half there and half asleep, so leave me alone and go back to your useless conversation about boobs and beer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laundry Is A Process- Clean, Dry, Fold and Put Away


So I must admit, I am not a good house wife. I am not a clean freak, and I would rather be getting my hands dirty out gardening then inside doing dishes. I have never been much for house work. However, my home is not messy or dirty I keep it clean and well arranged, but minimally, like I don't bleach the blinds everyday, or wipe down the fridge every time I cook. This infuriates my husband. He says I am lazy and I do not care about the housework. Which is sort of true, I care but it can always wait until tomorrow. I mean it might not be sunny tomorrow, and then I can always clean when it is ugly out right? My husband is not working right now, but expects me to work all day, then come home clean, cook dinner and everything a good housewife does. If I did not work I would have the house spotless, dinner ready when he gets home and all of that, but I expect him to do the majority of the work around the house if I am the only one working? Yet he still complains, and bitches every time he sees me doing anything but 'helping'. Well hunny, doing the laundry does not entail just throwing the stuff in the machine, it is a process, clean, dry, fold and put away, so you did not DO the laundry, you simply put the shit in the washing machine. I did the laundry because I did all the hard parts of the process. So stop complaining and fix the damn bedroom door!
Smooth Away

Monday, June 7, 2010

Women Are Like

A pack of cards ...

... You need a heart to love her

... A diamond to marry her

... A club to smash her head in

... And a spade to bury the bitch

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Men Are Like...

Snowstorms .... You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.

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Calorie Counting Children?

My ex husbands baby mama is coo coo.  She is constantly trying to cause problems, and her most recent bull crap is that she believes their son is overweight, obese to be exact. She calls him fat and tells him not to eat so much.  She says we feed him too much and that is why he is overweight, despite the fact we only have him on the weekends and special occasions.  She says she does not let him eat any sugar, fats, dyes, etc.  I would say we are healthy eaters and we are vegetarian, we do not just gorge out on crap all day, but the occasional treat never hurt anyone.  However, the kid says she feeds him processed ham and ice cream, WHAT A HYPOCRITE.  Now I am not the smartest person in the world, but I can tell when someone is fat, and when they are not.  Yeah the kid is big for 11, but not for being 5'4.  He is a growing boy, and he likes to eat.  Now the thing is that she is overweight, borderline obese I would say and has been her whole life.  It is like she is trying to live through him and protect him from the same problem by having him diet and count calories.  So we give him the occasional slurpee and pizza pop, who cares, he is a kid, and if we don't give it to him he will just go find it at his friends houses.  Then when he is 18 and has never had an ounce of sugar he will move out and eat slurpees and pizza pops everyday 365 day a year!  Everything is good in moderation, except hearing from her, I would be thrilled if I never had to see or hear her again.  Your son is going to resent you, he already does, and maybe calling him fat is not the best way to motivate him you fat B$#@&.  Sorry just had to get that off my chest...

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pimply Faced College Guys or Boobalicious Waitress?

So I am at the pub last night for some delicious crab legs which are super cheap on Thursdays, and when my waitress comes to deliver the food its like blam BOOBS!, right there in front of me, I could see almost everything.  I am a girl, and straight and I must confess I could not help but stare, ironic if you read the visitors rant about wandering eyes below, sorry hun!

So there is this table beside us, they look like five kids that are not old enough to be there and have had wayyy to much to drink.  Pimply faced college kids that are finally of age.  I can hear them from across the room, commenting on her endowments and such, and at first she is tolerating it.  I did not know if I was on her side because quite frankly she was kind of asking for it.  But women's lib is women's lib, so I stuck by my fellow woman.

By the end of the dinner these guys are out of control, so I ask her, how do you do it.  She jokes it off, but I told her that is why I could not waitress.  If I had guys in there like that I would have put a laxative or six in that jug a beer, that would send them packing!  What do you think, whose fault is it?
Flirty Girl Fitness

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sad To Be Single


You know I never thought I would say this but I miss being in a committed relationship.  Now when I am dating guys they only want one thing, and then they want me gone.  I dreamed of the day I would be single and do not wish to have my ex back, just someone that wants a commitment, which I cannot find.  The ones that say they want one do not sound sincere, and the ones that say they don't well, who wants them anyway!  I get scared thinking that I will be alone forever but I do not want to settle for some loser.  WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE?

Wandering Eyes

Queen of the Rant, I need to rant about this guy I have been dating for the last six months.  He has always done this, and I thought I hinted that I did not like it, but he still does it and tries to play it off like its a joke now, but it is far from funny to me.  We go out for dinner and he checks all the women out.  I can tell he is a boob guy because he is constantly starring at women's breasts.  Everywhere we go, whether it is out for dinner or grocery shopping.  I can see his eyes wander right their in front of me.  He has no shame in starring.  However, he does not gawk like that at mine???  Not that I really would like him to, but why does he stare at everyone else's.  I mean even fugly women he will check out.  He says he is just  a looky lou, but I don't believe that!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can You Do Me a Favor?

So my man calls me at work and asks if I can do him a favor and print out an application for him.  I gladly accept and go to the site to find it, when I do I tell him it is form fillable, meaning you can type in your information, rather then hand write it out.  He replied it has to be originals.  Since I work in administration you would assume I know what original means and it means original signatures, not everything has to be hand written, if that was the case why the hell would the form be form fillable.  So he tries to argue with me about it and then hangs up on me!  What an ass, I do this for a living and you are going to argue with me that I do not know what I am talking about, next time don't ask for a effin favor!


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Queen of the Rant

Some Friend You Are

My friend came across your site and told me that I have to contribute to try and ease the pain, and indulge in this as my moment.  You see this guy I am seeing, and share two children with seemed promising at the beginning, but his actions turned to more then words, and now he has jeopardized our relationship.  A friend of mine who is sad and desperate came onto him.  He said he resisted the temptation, but this girl is rancid aka, she F&*#$ED more then her share of guys.
In some sort of dramatized moment my man went to see her and they had an affair.  I knew as soon as he came home as he seemed quiet and distant.  They had some plan to take me out and talk about what happened, in some sense I want to leave him and find a real man.

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