Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Some Friend You Are

My friend came across your site and told me that I have to contribute to try and ease the pain, and indulge in this as my moment.  You see this guy I am seeing, and share two children with seemed promising at the beginning, but his actions turned to more then words, and now he has jeopardized our relationship.  A friend of mine who is sad and desperate came onto him.  He said he resisted the temptation, but this girl is rancid aka, she F&*#$ED more then her share of guys.
In some sort of dramatized moment my man went to see her and they had an affair.  I knew as soon as he came home as he seemed quiet and distant.  They had some plan to take me out and talk about what happened, in some sense I want to leave him and find a real man.

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  1. Yeah I would be tempted to leave, but with children it can be difficult. However, on the bright side he did tell you, and seemed to be up front and honest... what does everyone else think?

  2. Um leave him, duh.


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