Friday, June 18, 2010

Whats Wrong With A Older Woman?

Why is it that men don't want a 40 something woman with a young child? Is it, that they want a 20 something with perky breasts and no brain? Are men really afraid of a strong intelligent woman in her 40's with kids? I think men are afraid of intelligent women in general. They seem to want someone they can dominate easily................ Am I wrong?

The only guys that try to pick me up either are too young, or they don't have anything, no car, no job, and no ambition.  Why do men want to date young women, who are immature, and will end up leaving their asses for the next financially established man that comes along.


  1. You are wrong and I bet that you made your children part of the whole situation way before the guy even decided that he might want get to know you for more than a few dates.

    Maybe you need to give the men you are meeting and dating some credit that they are not wanting to inherit needless complications in order to have a mate. Children...and maybe your children in particular, whether they are taken care of well enough or not, is potentially a needless complication that you cannot smooth over no matter how hard you sell it as in control to whomever you date.

  2. Let's stop with the ridiculous stereotypes, shall we?

    Women of any age are strong, responsible, and enticing--childless, family moms, or single moms. Women in their 20s are not stupid. Women over 40 who are single moms didn't make bad choices?
    And why is 40 the age of bad choices?

    I fear some men are afraid of women, period. So, this section goes on about "yellow fever" and beautiful, demure women. Or that all women are gold diggers. Most new houses/condos are being purchased by single women? Dudes, most women want you to be responsible for yourself. And the rest is chemistry, kindness, values. And STOP with the fucking ageism. It's getting old (no pun intended.) Women models are girls. Girls are supposed to be women. Ladies over 40 are cougars. It's fucking sick. Stop. It's all fear and manipulation. What do you feel? How does someone slathered in make-up or gym fit change your life in the long term? Seriously. It's all so tedious.

    As for single moms, my mom raised us when my dad basically fell apart dealing with alcoholism. So, she's to blame? So, the kids are unnecessary complications for a future partner?
    Get fucking real. If 50% of marriages end up in divorce, it's reality. If you don't want kids, date single folks, fine. But stop berating people because their lives aren't perfect. Single parents are just people who took a bumpy road--so get on or get off. Stop the fucking whining. We're not all buying into the 2 parents + 2 kids = bliss. Sorry. Make a little room for different voices, will you? the homophobic racists start to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher on here. Make something. Create something like an original thought.

    Judging by the crowd here, I'd say no one can claim to be anything but flawed and, possibly, totally fucked. So, who exactly is to blame for that?

  3. When I did the online dating thing, I noticed the same... even tho I was the older woman and yet I attracted younger... I couldn't understand that.. One guy I dated who was 35 to me being 50 he said older women were more secure in themselves, they weren't afraid to talk.... Now that I am 55 and single after being w/someone for 4 1/2 years who was a 9 mos. older, I find that men my age want younger. A male friend of mine told me that guys who want younger just want SEX. Pure and simple... They want that hot looking body... And to be honest, even tho I am approaching 60, I don't want to date a 60 yr. old because the ones I have seen look old enough to be my father... I have yet to come across a male ( w/the exception of the last relationship) who actually loved to hike, have high energy... btw the ones who were younger, I ditched because in all reality- they just weren't serious about relationships... and the one I was in, well I wasn't going to be an enabler and will never be involved w/someone w/an addiction...
    But I will agree w/the above commenter that men are afraid of intelligent women... but then again maybe its because they never had an intelligent woman, a woman who can hold a convo as well as know facts about subjects? they probably dated bimbos... to me that's the bottom line...

  4. LOL--- why do all single moms and knocked up woman ask the same question?

    first lets look at what women want?
    most women say they want a nice guy who will love them, care for there kids and be loyal for a life time.
    but women are not attracted to boring nice guys they are attracted to the Alpha male.
    look at sandra bullock and jesse james.
    physiologist have done studys that show that when a woman is fertile [in heat] she is highly attracted to a Alpha male.
    and finds the stay at home type [the nice guy] very boring.
    women are genetically programed to want the Alpha male seed in them [too provide them with stronger children}.
    but when a woman is pregnant or a mother she is attracted to a nice guy.
    Women then want a stay at home man [the nice guy] to care for there family.

    now lets look at what men want
    all men are genetically programed to sow their wild oats and spread there seed with as many young fertile females as they can.
    and are not attracted to a pregnant women or women who look pregnant [fat women].
    this is why the Alpha males don't stay around very long.
    but the nice guy [men with father instincts] will stay with thier family.

    to answer the origanal question
    [Why is it that men don't want a 40 something woman with a young child? Is it, that they want a 20 something with perky breasts and no brain? Are men really afraid of a strong intellingent woman in her 40's with kids?]
    YES we do want a young women. Thats how we are made.
    I am a strong, mature financially stable, male. [a nice guy] why would I want to be with an older [possibly infertile woman] and have to care and provide for for someone else's kids?
    just like women like you where not interested in a man like me [the boring nice guy] before you had kids.
    I'm not interested in older women with kids.
    maybe just friends but thats about it.
    no matter how old a man is he always wants a woman who can have his children or is the mother of his children.

  5. The original poster, is victimizing herself. I hear this allot out there. Frustrated burned out cougars/boomers who have some chip on their shoulder, using their kids as some kind of "reason" why they are not attractive to younger, or just men in general.

    As far as control. Wah wah wah. Give me a break. From a man, it has nothing to do with control. It has to do with everything everyone else has mentioned in response. I'd say the OP is doing the typical stereotyping, victimizing poor me attitude, that turns off men. Men are not the problem, you are. Your attitude, displayed in your post, can be "sensed" by men. I personally wouldn't date you just because of this shitty attitude. Call me shallow, but your first impression, isn't a good one lady. Text or not. Empower your self then as all the feminist, in the closet or not, seem to be doing. Let the man see your qualities then, instead of bitching about men.

    Seriously ladies, bit of advice, the more you victimize yourselves, the further men run away. As soon as something doesn't go your way, the guy knows he is either gonna get falsely accused of something, or be dealing with an irrational basket case. F*** off.

  6. My ex-wife was a 40 something and developed an oversized sense of entitlement, and a huge desire for attention from younger men.
    She is long gone now, but I sense the same thing in most 40 something women I meet.
    Lucky me, my early 30 something woman seems to be content with the good life we have. Smart girl.

    Seems many of the generation of women that are aging made some mistaken judgements in past years.
    The women of the 80s and 90s were the ones that pushed the 'ME generation' idea.
    Now it is biting them in their huge asses.

    My pickup truck was not large enough to carry them and all their baggage.

  7. Single women who think they are "strong" and "intelligent" come across as too austere and less than approachable. Your persona might work for you in your career ambition but not in your dating life. Work on being "sincere" and "approachable" instead of being "strong" and "intelligent" and you might keep a man's attention. With all due respect, a man's mind, body and my life's plan does not have to keep time to a woman's biological clock even if he was in a committed relationship with her.

    And a smart woman would let a man know she has children but will keep them out of your dating life too unless he has made that commitment to you known. I betcha that will not happen right away, so you need patience too!

  8. @ just a guy: what about the older woman who has adult kids who just wants someone w/in their age range, and yes, I would date a man who is 60 but doesn't look and act old... The man I was w/for 4 1/2 yrs. didn't look his age, and we had a lot in common except for the fact he was a drinker and I don't mean social drinker... Why is it that men my age figure they can still attract young women? for gosh sakes- what young gal would want something that was her father's age??? or worse- older men have nothing in common w/young women - intellectually... get real...
    btw I did go out w/one man who was exactly my age and he had less life in him than a turtle. Most men my age seem to be in retirement mode, and I'm not... Men who are in my age range better look in the mirror first before looking to date younger and ask themselves : would I want my daughter going out w/someone that is my age? I bet I know the answer to that one! ROTFLMAO

  9. I am intrigued, what does ROTF mean I know LMAO, :)

  10. Men just want a hot piece of A$$. And when she begins to wrinkle they will move on and find a new one, sad for us older ladies, but hey at least we have each other...

  11. ROFLMAO: rolling on floor laughing my ass off...btw u can google urban dictionary and it will show all the abrieviations

  12. oh perfect thanks, there is so much I don't know

  13. btw did u get my email?it was in question to the other post about trust

  14. god help ya old coots..:)

  15. Hi,

    Fun & pleasure.

    With age most of the women shows low interest towards sex ,especially after undergoing family planning operation and/or on reaching menopause.

    This is not the case with men and they like to have young wife/girl friend so that their life does not become boring and sex life remain good. However this is not applicable to all. There are people who view life beyond sexual pleasure.

    If you are women and getting older try to maintain good physical health like do workout, dress neatly ( put naughty dress in bedroom or when u r with your man) and think ways to make like more fulfilling. If u r having low self esteem, give up that.



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