Friday, June 4, 2010

Pimply Faced College Guys or Boobalicious Waitress?

So I am at the pub last night for some delicious crab legs which are super cheap on Thursdays, and when my waitress comes to deliver the food its like blam BOOBS!, right there in front of me, I could see almost everything.  I am a girl, and straight and I must confess I could not help but stare, ironic if you read the visitors rant about wandering eyes below, sorry hun!

So there is this table beside us, they look like five kids that are not old enough to be there and have had wayyy to much to drink.  Pimply faced college kids that are finally of age.  I can hear them from across the room, commenting on her endowments and such, and at first she is tolerating it.  I did not know if I was on her side because quite frankly she was kind of asking for it.  But women's lib is women's lib, so I stuck by my fellow woman.

By the end of the dinner these guys are out of control, so I ask her, how do you do it.  She jokes it off, but I told her that is why I could not waitress.  If I had guys in there like that I would have put a laxative or six in that jug a beer, that would send them packing!  What do you think, whose fault is it?
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  1. I've worked in enough bars, night clubs and lounges during my college years and beyond to tell you, this young lady was doing what lounge waitresses do, showing some skin to make bigger tips.
    Don't get bent, it's not a bad thing, she probably makes very little per hour, and has to live on her tips, so she was for lack of a better term, giving herself a raise, and that's what she does, that's her job and by laughing it off it means she's good at her job.
    Fact is, she probably makes a pretty good chunk of tax-free change a night, and takes home more than a university grad first couple years in the workforce. Drunk guys who are trying to impress each other AND the hot waitress are pretty liberal with the tips, and this girl knows it, hence the cleavage, not to mention those kind of jobs are notoriously hard to get, she had to probably bust her butt to get it knowing that the cash was good.
    This is a tale as old as time, and we all know it. Smart lounge chains cash in on it, and everyone does well, the lounge the wait staff, etc.
    So, it's no one's fault, she's simply recognizing opportunity when it's knocking. I say, have a laugh with her, if you really want to turn it into a game, slide by the drunk table of guys and mention "the waitress really likes you..." and that should pretty much double her tip again, and then you too can have a laugh knowing that some silly boy learned a valuable life lesson...

  2. You are right, thanks for the great feedback!


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