Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laundry Is A Process- Clean, Dry, Fold and Put Away


So I must admit, I am not a good house wife. I am not a clean freak, and I would rather be getting my hands dirty out gardening then inside doing dishes. I have never been much for house work. However, my home is not messy or dirty I keep it clean and well arranged, but minimally, like I don't bleach the blinds everyday, or wipe down the fridge every time I cook. This infuriates my husband. He says I am lazy and I do not care about the housework. Which is sort of true, I care but it can always wait until tomorrow. I mean it might not be sunny tomorrow, and then I can always clean when it is ugly out right? My husband is not working right now, but expects me to work all day, then come home clean, cook dinner and everything a good housewife does. If I did not work I would have the house spotless, dinner ready when he gets home and all of that, but I expect him to do the majority of the work around the house if I am the only one working? Yet he still complains, and bitches every time he sees me doing anything but 'helping'. Well hunny, doing the laundry does not entail just throwing the stuff in the machine, it is a process, clean, dry, fold and put away, so you did not DO the laundry, you simply put the shit in the washing machine. I did the laundry because I did all the hard parts of the process. So stop complaining and fix the damn bedroom door!
Smooth Away


  1. As I have learned 'if I don't like something I do it myself'... I bet if u tell him if he doesn't like the way u do things he is more than welcomed to clean.

  2. This is womens work and you should be doing it all

  3. Okay caveman, and when she says no, are you going to club her over the head and drag her back to your cave.

  4. That guy sounds like TARZAN ohwowowoho wooo, insert chest beating here


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