Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wandering Eyes

Queen of the Rant, I need to rant about this guy I have been dating for the last six months.  He has always done this, and I thought I hinted that I did not like it, but he still does it and tries to play it off like its a joke now, but it is far from funny to me.  We go out for dinner and he checks all the women out.  I can tell he is a boob guy because he is constantly starring at women's breasts.  Everywhere we go, whether it is out for dinner or grocery shopping.  I can see his eyes wander right their in front of me.  He has no shame in starring.  However, he does not gawk like that at mine???  Not that I really would like him to, but why does he stare at everyone else's.  I mean even fugly women he will check out.  He says he is just  a looky lou, but I don't believe that!


  1. Once in a while is normal, but yes that would get to me too... and despite you saying you did not like it too eh? Wow, either he has a bizarre sense of humor or he is just not a nice guy!

  2. men are filth, like do we stand around watching their dicks sway, no of course not cause they aint a nice sight, i wish men had boobs


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