Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuning Him Out

Queen of the Rant,

So me and my boyfriend and a friend of ours are driving home from work yesterday and my man keeps asking me questions, some of them he had to ask twice because I simply was not listening.  I can tell he is getting a little miffed that he keeps having to ask me and say my name, and finally he says to his friend, she does not listen to me as you can see.  So I reply, I am sorry but sometime I just tune you out.  Well that was it, he went crazy, it obviously made him mad, but I was just being honest. I mean when you are around men as much as I am you tend to just not listen after a while.  I hear pieces of the conversation like boobs this, and beer that, but honestly if the conversation is not intriguing or does not involve me I simply tune it out.  It is from years of listening to some of the stupidest conversations in the world- the man conversation.  They never talk about anything serious, and nothing with emotion so truthfully it is quite boring.  So whats the big deal you have to ask me twice, whoopie- do you know how many effin times I have had to ask you a question to get a response out of you while you are playing video games or watching UFC?  Having a conversation with a man is like pulling teeth!  Not to mention I just got off work and my mind is still half there and half asleep, so leave me alone and go back to your useless conversation about boobs and beer.


  1. I hear ya.. When my husband would come home I would tell him or ask him stuff and he wouldn't say a word... I finally asked him what his problem was and he said " when i get home, i need to unwind'...well ok, at least tell me that and not let me go on and on thinkin' u heard me!. Guess your bf got back what he probably has done before either to u or to others... All's fair, huh? lol

  2. I find men have selective hearing, as women do too. I am sure many people can relate to this rant, and please feel free to share your rants with me, so I can keep the site alive, about anything, in your relationships with loved ones, friends, family, co-workers, whatever, I am open to it all. You will remain anonymous, and it will make you feel better... if not anything else.

  3. Finally, someone who understands that this goes both ways in relationships, but maybe you should not have said tuning out, that makes it sound bad lol


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