Tuesday, June 15, 2010

They Say Communication is the Key to Any Successful Relationship

Dear Queen,

They say communication is the key to any successful relationship.  Well my husband does not seem to think so.  Yesterday I get home from work, to find a new treasure covering my husbands eyes.  Yes sunglasses, nice sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses, that I know cost quite a bit of money unless you are like me and buy knock offs or get the best deal on eBay.  You see my husband has been talking about getting new sunglasses for a while now, and despite my pleading to have a look for some deals, he simply does not make any purchases.  That was until yesterday.

A little background to this story, you see my husband went on a house boating trip with a few friends of his a couple of years before we met.  From what I hear he had just bought new sunglasses and then jumped into the lake, and there his new sunglasses lay to this very day, at the depths of the Shuswap Lake covered in weeds and lake skum most likely.  My first thought is if it took only days to lose the last ones, what does the future hold for this pair.

I say, oh you got new sunglasses in a high pitched voice.  He replies, yeah and I am not going to tell you how much they cost either.  

Well this did not make me feel any better.  I got the newer version of my last pair.
Oh even better, because now I am guessing they were more then the $250 ones you bought years ago.

Well that was all I needed, I turned on the silent treatment and have not budged since then.  He kept poking for information as to why I am mad, hmmm let me give you a effing hint right in the gut!  I think he knows exactly why I am mad, and if he did not then why the guilt and never ending questions?

Later on a friend of ours is over, and he accidentally spilt the beans, the glasses cost $300!

You see we are not rich, actually we are far from that.  I have not bought a $300 anything since... well I cant even remember that's how effin long ago it was.  I buy the majority of my clothing used, and I am desperately trying to skimp and save to purchase a house in the most expensive city in Canada, which he has not contributed to one measly bit.

The glasses are not even what is bothering me, it is the fact that he went and made a substantial purchase without even telling me.  I would never do that, I should treat myself every once and awhile, but I don't.  I could think of 300 things we need more then a $300 pair of glasses.  Quite frankly I think I look better in a fake pair of Fendi's then the real thing any day, and I can laugh at all the suckers who paid too much money for the real thing.  So this summer when we are at the lake what does the future hold for Ray Ban Part II?

Perhaps, I should go and blow our rent money this month on a new laptop, something I have had my eye on for years...


  1. Don't blow the rent money. Be the bigger person. Have a serious convo w/him.. If need be, write it out then u will cover everything u want to say... Say it logically- don't preface it w/snide remarks.. Treat it as a business issue... Don't stoop to his level and do childish or say childish things... if its easier list the pros and cons of what he did, let him know that u are hurt but be adult about it...Giving him his own medicine will not work believe me... It will just enable him to shoot back at you w/the same behavior

  2. What a low blow. Even if you had money, I think I would be mad, but even more mad if it screwed up the finances. I mean if you are in charge of the money you need the details, at least a heads up. I'm with Chrissy, revenge is sweet, but not in this instance, tell him that is wrong, selfish, and childish!

  3. It is just a pair of sunglasses, he should be able to treat himself every once and awhile...

  4. Yeah but hes not the one that has to skimp and save to make up for those glasses, she does, he sounds like a tool

  5. this blog is worthless...


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