Thursday, June 10, 2010

Calorie Counting Children- Continued

So I thought you may want to know where I am at with this crazy baby mama drama.  Well, I emailed her, despite my husband asking me not to contact her, and now I realize why he does not bother confronting her about so many things, because she does not know how to listen.

Now I will admit the email was not as polite as it could be, but in no way was I intending to insult her.  Now I just want to email her and tell her that she is a horrible mother and her son hates her.  However, being the bigger person, I will simply remain silent, which I think pisses her off even more.  What makes me mad is that all I was trying to do was open her eyes, and told her not to put so much pressure on her son.  She did not address anything in my email, but rather she went off about a million other topics, and did not answer any of my questions.  I know I made her mad, BTW we went back and forth a couple of times, our anger increasing as the number of emails did.

So my main argument was this...
What I believe is going on here is that you yourself have a problem with your self-esteem, and believe that you have a problem with your weight.  And until you are happy with who you are inside and out, you will continue to inflict this unnecessary pain on your child. 

And she replied...

You crossed a definitive boundry when you claimed to know anything about my personal beliefs or struggles.

Then she sends me all these links to websites that say that obese children are at risk of all these ailments, well he is NOT obese, and and tom dick or harry could of wrote that, especially when you look at the websites policy and it tells you that they can not be held liable for any content on this website and the damn thing is filled with advertising!  Stress can cause those same health problems, so lay off the kid.  I HATE HER, and I do not hate a lot of people, but this women is crazy.  She uses all these big words like they scare me and then has the nerve to tell me to get educated, when I have a BA and she did not even graduate high school.  I guess I will have to wait for this to blow up in her face to get my point across, the problem is that the only person that suffers is the boy.  KARMA is a B&T%H, and I do not doubt it will bite her in the A$$ one of these days!


  1. Hate to say this, but hubby is right..By saying nothing she is looking like a fool... Don't feed her any ammo by communicating...Next time she emails, delete them unopened..Yeah its hard but hey- let her mouth get her in trouble.. and I think she knows what buttons to push w/you..Don't let her.. In fact block her email address and if she calls hang up on her, if she writes send the letters back " return to sender' have the p.o. stamp that sucker.. she will get it...

  2. LOVE THIS, great feedback, thanks so much, you really get me

  3. Poor kid, his mom needs serious help


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