Friday, June 11, 2010

Toxic Intoxication


My husband has a drinking problem.  He just cannot control himself.  There is no such thing as one effin drink for him, and after about the third he turns into this loud obnoxious idiot.  I usually just go to bed so I do not have to listen to him tell the same story about when he was 18 blah blah blah...  The worst part is when he comes to bed, and I have to wake up early for work.  He either wakes me up by being super loud, turning on lights, blaring his music or actually waking me up and talking to me.  Sometimes he does not do anything, but if he is in a bad mood he will be rude to me, call me names, and babble on about nothing.  I have told him I HATE THIS, and it will stop for a little while and he always apologizes, but then he will start up again.  I have been surrounded by alcoholics my whole life, and now I have another one laying right next to me every night.  It is so irritating, and I do not know what to do about it, I feel like I have tried everything, short of leaving him.  I love him, but I hate his drinking, why can't he just drink like a normal effin person.


  1. It sounds like you unconsciously attract these types of people in your life. Being rude is one thing, but calling you names can be worse. Mean drunks are not good people to have in your life. He needs to seek some professional help I would say, what do he rest of you think?

  2. My ex bf would have bouts of drinking... At first he hid it from me but over the almost 5 years it slowly came out.. The first time I wanted to end the relationship, then came his false promises, and every so often the drinking, lies, etc... This Jan., I said enough, I got tired of it... I felt like I was an alcoholic... The stress of him and his lies were too much.. I loved him and still kinda do.. I will always have that soft spot for him.. I ended it because he was becoming toxic and I did not like that feeling.. sure it hurt to end it but I thought in the long run I would be the healthy one... and yes I know its a disease and apparently the disease he chose to let take over instead of trying to get help. I guess in the end, I wasn't worth the fight.

  3. Ranting is a good way of venting - especially as so many people - especially the more
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