Monday, November 29, 2010

Relationship Rant PLAYLIST-Song 15

Yo yo yo!
Wow, some crazy rants here eh?  That last one made me want to jump through my computer and give that poor girl a hug and a ride to the airport-no one deserves to be treated like that!  I find it amazing what a  man can do to a woman.  The way they can make us feel, and make us think that we are the most wonderful people on the face of the earth one day... and the worst people the next.  I hate to say this, but they almost brainwash us, and we flutter on their every word.  I hate this, but I hate to say that I do it too.  I am sure I am not the only one either, speak up ladies, don't be shy.

This next song goes out to all of these women.  It took me some time to figure out what Florence is trying to convey with this song, but lets say it hit me like a bullet in the head.  Perhaps that's what she wanted... us to make us our own meaning for the song.  Well this is what I came up with... us women need to take care of ourselves, as happiness can change in a matter of minutes.  We work like dogs to try and please the men in our lives, and for what?  It does not really get us anywhere in the long run, usually we end up with broken hearts, or worse-broken jaws.

So today I say fuck men, fuck them and the horse they rode in on.  We don't need them for anything.  I change my own oil-and I take out my own trash.  If I really need something handy done... I know that there are good people lurking around that will do things for me because they are good people, not because I did the dishes so they have to fix my car, or better yet because we are sleeping together.  We either pay for their help in one way or another, they are not genuine feelings of gratuity.

So today I mark November 29th as FUCK MEN DAY.  I am sure us women deserve our own fuck women day, but we will leave that to some sour man to create.

Enjoy this song everyone-I just found her even though she has been around for awhile, and I hope you love her as much as I do!


Friday, November 26, 2010

A Positive Rant-There Are Good People In This World


I simply must take this opportunity to tell you that despite the fact my blog focuses on mostly negative rants, sometimes a rave is in order.  Today is that day.  I want to send a shout out to Tom Boos of Vancouver, BC for showing me that there are good people left in this world.

This morning I pulled up to get gas at my local Petro Canada, and there was a line up to get gas.  Once I was finished fueling I jumped back in my van, started the engine, and nothing...  That's not all, my alarm was making this weird noise every few seconds, drawing even more attention to me as I held up everyone trying to gas up behind me.

I immediately got on my phone with 'the man' as he is quite the handy man.  It was early and so I had to call a couple times to wake his ass up, and when I did he was like 'what do you want me to do..." -ass!

So he says to ask the gas guy if he has a wrench, so I ask, and he says there is a mechanic shop next door and they probably have one, so I went over, but then I remembered I left my purse in my open van, so I went back-I looked like a chicken with my head cut off, running around... clueless.

On my way back to my car, a gentleman asked me if I needed a wrench, as he must have over heard me ask the gas guy.  I said "yes, but I don't know what to do with it".  The man is on the phone on one ear, and this guy on the other, so I told my man I had to go as I could not talk to two people at once.

You see I get really panicked in these situations, I think it is out of embarrassment, and I do not know why I care about what these people think of me-I will likely never see any of them again, but the man gets mad when I get all panicky and shriek on the phone in his ear, so I did not mind hanging up to speak with this nice calm gentleman with the wrench.

We walked over to my car, and he fiddled with a few things and asked me to start it.  Poof-she started no problem.  I said "how did you do that?" and he told me that my battery posts are loose and dirty, so he showed me what to do if it happens again.

Then he gave me the wrench, and I said no no-thats okay.  He said no take it-trust me-this will happen again until you take it in and get those tightened and cleaned.  So I accepted the wrench, and I told him-I owe him one-can I by ya a beer or something?  He said no but let me give you my card-and just tell your friends about me-I said so you are a mechanic, and he replied that too, I do it all.  His card read-handyman. 

He is right though-he is that too, because not only is he a handyman, mechanic and cleaner, but he was my little miracle for the day.

So thank-you Tim Boos-YOU ROCK!  You showed me there are good people left in this world.  I will tell everyone I know about you, and now I know what to do if it happens again.  You know what they say... teach a man to fish and he will at for a year, or some shit.

Tim taught me to fish, and now I am proud to be human again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Secret

ok so i'm married i have been for 3 years now and honestly I HATE IT!
my husband is the biggest jerk in the world he yells at me degrades me and cares more about his materialistic things than me....or his daughter (who is 3 months old btw)

i just dont know what to do, i cant just leave him (i had my daughter 3 months ago and now im fat no one else would want some fat girl) and to make matters worse i support him he doesnt work nor has he ever when i met him he lived with his parents and 5 months later he was living with me and still is.
I just feel lost and confused when i got pregnant with my daughter i was so excited and two months later we were set to go to the first ultra sound and the night before the ultra sound he gave me a story about how he needed to rush to his moms (which is over an hour away) and stay there for a few months because she was having serious health problems, i was hurt but i understood. Then a few days later i talked to his mom on the phone when i called for him and she was asking me why he needed to be there and asked me how I planned on paying her for him staying there....I asked her what he told her and she told me that he told her that he just needed to get away.

So i ask him and like every other time he gets caught in a lie he flips out and yells and screams until the cops come... so then i play it off like nothing is wrong and put on a happy face for the cops (not that i did anything illegal or anything but to save his ass). So on christmas my parents got us matching IPod touches and in february i was playing on mine and apparently he asked me a question and i didnt answer so he grabbed my IPod and threw it against the wall (several times) and broke it ok so he still plays on his all the time, im not allowed to touch his but im fine with that seeing how im always working or taking care of my baby one day his goes off and its some 17 year old girl named "melissa wright" and she is talking about having sex with him and getting married to him so i pick it up and message her back and tell her that hes married and she messages me back and says i know babe when are you going to tell her that your moving with me ( i never said who i was when i messaged her) a month after that my baby was crying (i had just worked 18 hours) he woke me up and said "arent you going to get your kid" so i say "shes yours too cant you get her" and he said "FUCK" and jumps up and gets her then he throws the baby wipes against the wall and breaks them open. So obviously being a mother i get up fearing for my baby and tell him not to worry about it and i take over and he goes to bed and at this point he chooses to sleep in the guest bedroom so that the baby doesnt disturb him anymore.

so tonight i hugged him and he dropped his IPod (on the carpet in the living room) and he starts yelling at me telling me what a worthless bitch i am.

And to make matters worse his mom and dad are getting a divorce and his mom doesnt have a job so i have been paying her bills too and she just talks about me all the time and even made him think it was okay to physically abuse me.

I work constantly and feel like i have a dark secret that only me and my now 3 month baby know.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Relationship Rant PLAYLIST-Song 14

Hey Y'all-I cannot freakin believe that looking back I have not put up one single song by this group, so I MUST share this one with you asap. 

Now I know this group has some problems with some Americans, but you need to stop blaming this group-music is a form of free speech, and you know what-in the end these ladies were right-they stood by their beliefs even if it meant their own demise.  Not only does there music protest some very important issues-but it will truly touch your soul.  Whether it is the banjo, thefiddle or that amazing voice-this song will bring a tear to your eye... and hopefully put things in perspective for you, through good times or bad. 

What I hope you all leave with from this song-is never back down from something you believe in-and if you contemplate doing that... listen to these gals-and they will show you the way!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Abortion-From A Man's Perspective

Please forgive me if this upsets anyone, that was not my intention-this guy has obviously put a lot of thought into this rant, and so I want to give him the opportunity to post it-as I do not see many men with the ability to show their emotions like this.


First let me start by saying I am male, that being said. I am at a complete loss as to why you see all these men taking a stand on abortion. The way I look at it is, I do not want anyone man or woman telling me what I can or cannot do with my body. Our bodies are the only thing that's really ours, and we all should be allowed to choose how we take care of it, or abuse it, or end it.

I do not want a bunch of women getting together and coming up with rules on how I take care of my body, and telling me that it doesn't matter what I feel is best for me they know whats best for me.

People talk about a fathers rights, how men should be able to stop a woman from aborting a child that they conceived. Ok bullshit, if the woman didn't tell the man he would have never ever known.

Lots of people say that because we have legalized abortion in this great country it has destroyed American families, its an easy way out of a serious life changing event. I disagree, women have been second class citizens for long enough, if a woman wants to go out and have sex with lots of guys she should be able to without having to think twice what other men are going to think of her. We men do it and we don't have the added responsibility of possibly getting pregnant. Most all of us have been there at least once being head over heels for some girl, or some girl is head over heels for some guy. You talk all the time cant wait to see each other and then after you have sex with them you realize you don't really like them that much. I know the religious of those out there are gonna get all up in arms and say something like you should know that person your going to have sex with spiritually and love them on a spiritual level then sex is not important the extremists are going to say that sex was never meant to be for fun its only done to procreate.

All horseshit, just a bunch of propaganda. I think those lies were all started by men to cover up the fact that they were lazy and selfish in bed. Then of course women got smart and used those lies against men. Saying things like we just did it last week ( but what they are really saying is; your a worthless screw I get more satisfaction from a shower head, or Sancho the gardener.)

Who wins in this battle of the sexes, Those girls and guys that actually do respect each other as equals in all aspects of the relationship, and if they are smart they will tell the same tired ol stories that everyone complains about. He doesn't treat me like he used to, or she wont go down on me anymore. She is always out shopping, he always has his nose in the TV blah blah blah. Ladies if you have a good man at home that's treating you right don't tell your girlfriends and fella's if you have a lady at the house that is a complete tramp in the bedroom but a straight laced lady out of it, don't tell your buddies. If you try to tell everyone how green it is on your side of the fence ladies and gents your setting yourselves up for a whole lotta peoples trying to jump the fence into your yard.

I digress, My point is, as men we have no right to choose whats best for a woman. I saw this on a bumper sticker that I thought said it all pretty good. "If you cant trust me with a choice how can you trust me with a baby". I think we have all seen it at least once if your over 30 that is (Cause lets face it when your in your twenties you really don't pay to much attention to other people's kids), where you see people that have kids, and you think those poor kids. You have to have a license to own a dog, but anyone can have kids how screwed up is that.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Relationship Rant PLAYLIST-Song 13

Hey Y'all,

Still really effin busy over here, but never to busy for a little music therapy.  Here is song 13 of the Relationship Rant Playlist, let me know what you think!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The BF and The TP

OMG guys this is a doosy, be careful there is explicit language, and I can almost hear this woman's teeth grinding... I am scared... very scared!  Read on if you dare.


Ok, here goes...we live together, and have a for quite a few years now...*mostly* happily, but this relationship is not without it's fair share of problems.

First, he's a slob, regarding clutter, and I'm fucking fed up with it.
The cleaner I am, the sloppier he is. Fucker can't even change the roll of T.P. in our bathroom because he says he's "too busy". This is a universal man problem I know. What is with you guys that you can't take LITERALLY 30 seconds to change the fucking roll of T.P.?

Ok, I admit, I am an anally retentive neat freak of the highest order! I long for my single days, living alone. When I lived alone, my apartment was IMMACULATE at all times of the day or night. I LOVED coming home with no cleaning to do. Perfect cleanliness and order everyday! This shit actually makes me fucking HAPPY!! The only clutter I had was my ass on my clean couch! I could invite any random man I wanted over, to my CLEAN place, have the sex I wanted and needed without all this damn headache of having to clean up after a man!

I had a patio with beautiful plants and flowers, there was no dust. My bed was always neatly made, no water spots on my sink or mirrors, no junk drawers full of crap, my closets were organized, no dirty dishes in my sink ever existed. I clean up after myself. It's not hard. Things stay clean when you ARE CLEAN! People who live like slobs, baffle me. How can anyone live like that????? Isn't it embarrassing????? It is a reflection on YOU. If your home is dirty and sloppy, that is what people will think and believe of you! I can't count how many people, friends invite me over, and always I enjoy great company....but if their house stinks, I am secretly disgusted!!!!!!!

Now, my patio is filled with power tools, boxes of his garbage, from one end to the other, cement to ceiling, with not a clean spot out there. If I clean it up, the crap MAGICALLY appears there the next fucking day, and I have to start over.

I feel like that old 70's T.V. show now..."Sanford & Son". Might as well be the local trash dump. It's embarrassing to me when we have guests. We look like white trash in a trailer park with all his fucking crap. If I ask him to clean his crap, he'll politely say he'll "get around to it" while he parks his ass, on my couch playing video games. This fuck of a bf is 46 yrs. old, and I am 41. If I wanted a kid, I would have one, but I remain happily childless for a reason. I want a man, not a child who can't clean up after himself. I want a partner, not a fucking sloppy child playing video games 24/7 This shit alone makes me want to dump him. I figure dumping him would be like taking out the trash. I can have my "clutter free" life back.

I'd like to say that the sex is FANTASTIC, and it is...when we have it. I never met a man in my life before him who was a prude in bed. He's a prude. a FRIGID fucking prude! I want sex all the time, he is happy with only "once a month". Nope, he's not gay. If he was, he wouldn't be such a slob. At least gay men are neat about their shit...I'll give them that!!!

It's not like he's not attracted to me anymore either. Oh, he is....and my man is too lazy and too pussy to even cheat on me if he was unsatisfied. What a big ass pussy, and I've lost all respect for him because of this reason. He don't even own his own ball-sack!

My man is also a SUCKER. He has SUCKER written all over his forehead, and it's pathetic! Last night some drugged out, young man came to our door. If you saw this guys eyeballs, they were bloodshot and dilated. He BEGGED my bf for money at our door "shaking" like he was going through withdrawals, and needed his "fix". He told my bf it was for a magazine subscription. My stupid bf was ready to hand over his entire wallet to this druggie kid when I stepped in and stopped it. I asked this kid to show proof, i.d "anything".... He had none. I politely told him to try another place, as we have no money to give..(lie) and my bf got IRATE!!!

Could you believe this started a fight?!
My bf said I was a bitch, because I was looking out for him, and didn't want to see his SUCKER-ASS get ripped by a drug addled kid who was scamming him. Sometimes I think I am smarter than him. Sometimes I KNOW I AM, and last night was one of those times!

We went to bed in silence. He snored, and farted in bed...fucking "lovely". I moved my ass to the least it didn't stink like farts there, and I could sleep in peace without all the damn snoring. When I woke up, I had to nail the roof back on, his snoring and farting was sooooo bad! DISGUSTING!

lot's of hot sex, has needs, etc., and if I can't have a "grown-up man" who is my "intellectual equal", fun to be with, conversate with, whom can make me laugh, who is not a "sucker" or a "pussy", who has more ambition in this life to do anything else but play video games at the age of 46, has BALLS, *MAJOR BALLS* than I'll be happy to grow old and alone single!!!!! I can have and do have "plenty" of toys to do this job, it's just gets old without intelligent conversation and someone to enjoy a good home-cooked meal, and outing, a road trip, with or even breakfast!!!

Yeah...I might just dump this man, go back to being single, have my shit in order the way I like, and hell....adopt 5 cats, so SUE ME!!!! Cats are cleaner than men anyway. At least they shit a box, bury their turds and well, only have to change the damn litter!

Having 5 cats sure seem better than having a "sloppy man" who can't take care of himself, and isn't into much sex anyway!!!!
Sometimes, this whole scenario looks better than growing old with some slob of a man, who sucks in bed, sucks out my whole life-blood, and my happiness, and can't change the god-damned roll of T.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant over!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Relationship Rant PLAYLIST-Song 12

Well my awesome followers, readers, searchers, and who ever else is visiting my site this fine Monday morning.... You are just in time for our next addition to the Relationship Rant Playlist.  A series of songs that will get anyone through a tough day, a harsh break up or anything else in between.

This is my second Alanis song-but if anyone knows a break up-its her.  Her music is empowering yet emotional and even heart breaking at times... I think that is why I like it so much.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and mine was filled with some much needed relaxation, and some mouse hunting, which I will get into later. 

Been having a look to see what you all have been up to in the last couple weeks.... you guys have such exciting lives!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Follow Up to "Why Am I Here?"

Well my wonderfuls, as promised here is the very first follow up to a rant that I got back in June called Why Am I Here.... thanks to all of your wonderful advice here is how her life has changed....

First let me say thank you, for giving me the opportunity to anonymously tell you my problems, with little judgement.  Thank you to your commenter's, as they changed the way I thought, and got me out of what could have been a downwards spiral.

You will be happy to know that since June, my life has been a 360 degree turn around.  I met the best man in the world, and we are engaged.  He has connected me with family, friends and we have a dog. 

I could not be happier, and laugh when I think back to how unhappy I was.  I gave up looking for love and then it stumbled upon me when I least expected it-in other words you were right.

Life is what we make of it, and in the end we can only judge our own happiness and change our lives, but part of me feels like I have your blog to thank.  I know I am happy, and that you all helped me, so I am forever thankful for this.

It does not matter how many people we have around us, what mattes is the quality of those relationships.  I know this now, and even though I may revisit those times every once and awhile, they have made me stronger, and gave me a yearning to grow up.

Thank-you again, and take care.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Help Save My Boring Relationship

Queen and Followers,
My boyfriend and I are about to celebrate our 2 yr anniversary, when last night he tells me that he's not happy. That maybe we need our space, so we can give ourselves room to grow. He said that he feels like he isn't able to grow and expand and express himself freely. He was talking about having no motivation and wondering why he's even living right now. He said he should have motivation to make a better life for us, but "Look at us, our home life, it's boring. This isn't what I want." It felt like one dagger to the heart over and over and over again as he revealed what had been going on inside of him. This isn't the first time that he has mentioned us getting separate apartments and that there's no excitement and we're not living life to the fullest. BUT in my defense he doesn't even like to leave the house. I try to find things for us to do & sometimes he's up for it and sometimes not. I try to make life entertaining, but anymore he just wants to stay home. It seems to happen when a series of events occurs.....too much stress at work (which has been pretty constant lately), listening to too much Alex Jones (this guy makes me want to end my life) & not a lot of sex going on in the bedroom. As the saying goes....when the sex is great, it is only 10% of the relationship, but when it's not great, it is 90% of the relationship. I have a low libido and I've tried things to rev it up, but I'm not having much luck. I've even gone off my birth control pills to try to bring it back. I had a tubal so no fear of pregnancy, thank God considering where I'm sitting this morning.

I don't know what to do at this point. I feel so confused. He tells me that he believes I'm the one and that we're going to be together, then he tells me he needs his space and we don't have enough in common, then I'm the one, then he needs his space. This morning when I brought this up he says "Well don't you want me to say nice things? And if I'm not consistent, don't you think that means you better have a Plan B if things aren't going to work?"

Mon - Fri we have approximately 4 hrs together (give or take) I come home, do dishes, get dinner ready, we eat, we try to relax, we shower & we go to bed. Yes, this is boring, but what are we supposed to do EXCITING in this short span of time. He says we're not making the most of it. What could we be doing differently? He says we don't talk, but he always has Alex Jones on and I know that's how he relaxes, so why would I try to take this away from him or interrupt it?? He says we don't have the same interests, but lately his interest have been Alex Jones (again this guy scares me out of my mind) and his work (our jobs are completely unrelated).

Our lease is up in May so it sounds like he's willing to give us this time to figure things out. I want us to stay together. I just don't know what to do right now. A huge part of me wants to believe that it's just his job really stressing him out. I mean this job is literally sucking the life out of him. It's all he thinks about and all he does. Of course, come the weekend he doesn't want to do anything...he's drained, but I think he fails to see that then it turns around on me, that we're not exciting.

Happy do you make life exciting??? Help me save my relationship!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Sorry everyone that I have been MIA for the last few days.  I have too many projects on the go... but do not worry I thank you all for sticking by me through this busy time, and I cant wait to get back to blogging. 

I have some catching up to do with all of you, and I cannot wait to hear what you guys have been up to over the past week or two.

I hope you all had a great Halloween, and just in case you were wondering I got lots of kids, and I did not even have to lure them in with a trail of candy in front of my house. 

Now I have to clean up all my decorations....

PS-Does anyone know an easy way to get that fake spider web stuff off all my trees and railing? LOL


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