Friday, November 19, 2010

Relationship Poll-Come on Baby Light My Fire

What is the worst way a guy has taken you out of "the mood"?


  1. The worst?? Oh man, this is going to be good! I'll have to think about that one. ;-)

  2. OK- Saying that ate something they shouldn't have, and excusing themselves to run to the washroom. One can't help being human, so no worries there, but man- what a mood killer!

  3. Farting and then pulling the covers up to air it out. And no, he wasn't 17. Or even 25. **sigh**

  4. Farting in the act...or while I am performing oral. I don't care how relaxed you's not cute and it's not funny. He was lucky I loved him...and his appology was VERY nice. ;-)

  5. TRIED TOO HARD to be SENSUAL. YUK. He wasn't good looking enough to attempt to be suave :}

  6. hmmm, i think he just started conversating about random shit.

    i'm trying to get jiggy here lol



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