Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Women & Their Weight


Since you are a woman maybe you can help me with this.  My wife and I just had our first child four and a half months ago.  My wife put on a bit of extra weight, obviously, and I do not care one little bit.  Personally, I think it looks good on her.  However, she is beating herself up over it.  She is constantly calling herself fat, wears these over-sized clothes, and she will not get involved with me romantically.  Every single time she looks in the mirror she gets so mad, and then takes it out on me.  I tell her she is beautiful, and I even organized a night out and she refuses to go.  I do not know how to get her out of this slump.  I do not want to make a big deal out of it, or I will make things worse I think, but I do not know what else to do.  I just wish she could see what I see-- a beautiful mother of my child.  It is to the point where she will not eat anything, and then she is so tired that I am stuck with trying to take care of our son by myself.  Why do women make such a fuss over their weight.  She wanted kids, and what... she did not expect to gain weight?
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  1. Well we all know how the media can reek havoc.. and u have to agree how conscious people can be of weight or whatever... Now don't yell at me but I have had 3 kids who are adults now.. For some reason I never gained weight, I lost it after.. Alot has to do w/what u eat, nursing does take off the weight... When my kids were in pre school I would join the women for lunch w/the kids and I found that women will eat what their kids leave behind... I AM NOT saying all women do that, but the women I knew did and would still eat that salad w/the diet coke... as well as eat their kid's happy meals.
    And no, most do not expect to gain weight...
    And yes, I know your wife is busy w/the baby but walking does wonders, it sheds the weight. Kill two birds w/one stone- she can walk and push the stroller w/her friends.
    Post partem depression can play a big part as well....

  2. You sound like you are trying your best, but perhaps you could suggest to get out and go for walks, my dogs help me to get out every day for a walk, or swimming. However, be on the watch for any signs of post partem because that is nothing you want to mess with. I wonder if she was always obsessed with her weight?

  3. Don't buy her exercise equipment, I repeat do not buy her exercise equipment!


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