Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Relationship Rant PLAYLIST Song 4

Okay WOWSA-I have like 6 new followers since Friday-that is freaking amazing-it must be all these awards and stuff.  In fact, I got another award last week from The Scoop On Poop called the Beautiful Blog Award.  Scoop-you are beautiful for giving me this award-poop and all!

Can you believe this, not only do I have substance, and versatility, but now I have a beautiful blog too.  Oh me oh my-I have such a wonderful set of readers.

IN order to accept this award and pass it on I must... give you seven more facts about myself and pass it onto 5 more deserving blogs... so here we go....

1.  My middle name is Anne, as I am half Irish and half Hungarian.   I am named after Anne of Green Gables but I do not look a thing like her.

2.  I love horses and dream of owning my own at some point in my life.

3.  I love to sing and I have been singing since I was like 12, I have even won some money for it and scholarships, but I never got my dream of being Celine's opening act.

4.  I love the water.  I want to live by the water, and I find it so fun and relaxing.  There is nothing better then being at the beach with drink in one hand and cigarette in the other.

5.  I also love gardening.  I do not know why, I guess I got it from my dad.  I just love watching things grow, like I gave them life.  There is something about gardening and getting your hands dirty that is so stress relieving. 

6.  I am a sucker for celebrity gossip.  Yes I am ashamed that I know every horrible thing they do.  My most recent obsessions are Lindsay Lohan and the Gosselin Drama.

7.  I am also obsessed with the following TV shows.
Pretty Little Liars
Gossip Girl
American Idol

And now-5 more blogs that I love...

The Beach Wive Diaries
This is such a neat blog.  There are two bloggers one on the East Coast and one on the West.  They share all their likes, dislikes and differences.  However, they make me jealous that I do not live on a beach with drink in hand.

Love Actually
If you ever need great ideas to spark the romance in your relationship, go here.  This blog gives you the best gift ideas and make-up ideas if you have a fight lol.

Surviving Seventeen

So even if you are not 17 this blog is great.  She has the writing gift, and treats her blog like her diary.  Quite grown up for a 17 year old, but perhaps that is why it appeals to me.

My Husband Misunderstood Me When I Said I Was Bi

I just started reading this blog, but she is fun.  I love wacky women that are not afraid to tell us whats on their mind.

The Adventures of Cinderita

Again, I just started reading this one as well, but she is sooo bubbly and fun I had to recommend her blog.

And now folks, the segment you have all been waiting for, my Relationship Rant PLAYLIST Song 4 drum roll please....


  1. I can imagine your surprise and I know u are touched.... I am happy for you.. Feels nice to be acknowledged doesn't it?

  2. 5. I also love gardening. I do not know why, I guess I got it from my dad. I just love watching things grow, like I gave them life. There is something about gardening and getting your hands dirty that is so stress relieving. --- I would love to try gardening. Seems like it's one of the most relaxing hobbies one could try...

  3. Oh! One of my favorite Miranda Lambert songs!!!! I love to turn that one up!!!

    Huge congratulations on your new award!!!!

  4. Wow! Thank you! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "beautiful blog" award! Wow! Thank you. You totally just made my day. I am not kidding. I was so cranky yesterday...not today. Thank you. You are a great part of my day when I come by and read what you have to rant about. Thank you for keeping me inspired to keep writing! Did I mention I do so love your crown too?

    Thank you. One more thing to be grateful for!

  5. Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much!! This is our very first award, and we couldn't be more grateful.

    We love your blog, and share many of the same interests. A HUGE congratulations to you on your award!! Cheers! -Westie

  6. Thanks so much for awarding us! We are new at this, so it's a huge honor! Margaritas all around! :-)


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