Friday, September 3, 2010


Wow, what an exciting week eh?  I made some new friends, I got some awards, blog life is good.  I am so happy I got to share a few blogs that I enjoy reading, and I love this cycle of blog awards as I get to find out who they pass them onto and in the end what blogs they recommend.  This is great not because of the fame-well maybe a little-but more because of the new prospectives and advice I gain from new readers and followers.  So to my new followers-welcome-now get to work lol.

Anyways since it is Friday before a long weekend I am not going to depress you with relationship problems, but rather just give you a chance to release some tension (not in that way you sicko) by sharing your peeves with me.

I will go first!

My man mumbles-it drives me mad.  Half the time I cannot even hear what he says and the other half I think I hear it, but I cannot make it out, so I assume I heard one thing and then he will be like I just told you I wanted the wrench.  Oh sorry hun, I thought you said go sit on the bench.

At first I thought it was me, so I cleaned the ears and did a self hearing test, nope all good in those departments.  Now after over five years-I am not the only one that says to him-speak up-pronounciate your words- we talk to him like English is his second language lol.

He even admits he is a mumblin man.  However, it is a problem especially when in certain situations, like driving, go right he will say and then I will be like- no I am okay-and he will be like no go right here, and I am like oh I thought you asked if I wanted a bite, by then we are the freakin highway passing our destination, and I suddenly have an urge for pizza.

So whats your peeve?  I am sure your loved ones aggravate you with some little folly... do share!


  1. I have learned over the years to not even try to understand wth he was saying.. especially when i knew he was just venting and not wanting to hear my 2 cents... he did the same w/me.. Only time I listened was when he would say " and what do u think?'
    My pet peeve is when there is a controversial subject posted and there is always one in the bunch who loves to stir the pot? what happened to being adult and realizing everyone has an opinion and regardless if we agree to still maintain some sort of integrity? and not go off tangent and act like little shits on someone else's page?

  2. Queen: sorry, I just realized another one...LOL
    What gets me is these Blog Hops.. ok, I know the bottom line is to get to know others as well as pimp your page...( a bit crude but true)..why is it that some don't even read the post and just leave a comment pimping their site?? I've read a few posts where the post was serious and no one seemed to give a rat's ass and it seems the main thing was to mention that the reason they surfed over was because of the hop and to" please come see my page"
    BTW how do u feel about this???

  3. I think Kalei's Best friend has 2 pet peeves. lol. Way to go! I'd have to agree with you on that one KBF.

    As for my pet peeve...? Mumbling is definitely one of them. Darnit. I'll have to come back.

  4. @KBF-yeah totally I hate people that pimp their sites without providing anything useful on the site-it is not worth it-but now I can spot them from a mile away-for example-I got my first comment from viagra-but they did actually provide some insight so at least it was better then-buy viagra... I would have deleted it if they did that!

  5. My biggest pet peeve in a relationship is when a man doesn't act like a man. I don't like a guy who appologizes too much. I have a cruder sense of humor and am next to impossible to offend. I don't get upset when a man curses and appologizes I want to scream, "Grow a fucking set!" I mean come on. There is respectful and then there is being a straigh sissy.

  6. Thanks for the award! Sorry I didn't get to it yesterday, was flying the "too friendly" skies, lol.

    Pet peeve, pet peeve... men who take longer than I do to get ready! I mean, come on, if I wanted to date someone *that* pretty, I'd find a girl. Put down the hair gunk, boys, no one likes running their fingers through crunchy gelled up hair. Or worse, getting yelled at for messing it up!

  7. First... Thanks! I'm a blog award virgin, so needless to say, I feel quite loved!

    My pet peeve...inaccountability. You read, so I know you know a bit of history on my ex husband. WE had these kids together, it was a planned, mutual decision, so to completely ignore the responsibility that he has to them goes up me sideways. Also, If you leave me with no gas in the car... tell me. Use up all the tooth paste? Tell me! My son has a purple and orange mohawk because you weren't paying attention while you were supposed to be watching them... Tell me! I promise, if you are accountable for your actions, I'll be alot easier on you.

    Okay. That's all... I feel better now. -J

  8. My man does the same mumbling thing too!!! Only in his case, he's actually telling me off, but mumbles it so when I say, "What?" he can say, "I was asking if you knew where the wrench was!"
    Hey, I'm writing a post tonight in which I will be making special mention of you and your blog! Thank you so much for the blog award! I fucken love you too!

  9. I love my man, but if he doesn't get rid of his used dental floss offa my washing machine, I'm going to kick his ass.

  10. There are too many! I have been with him for 7 years (we are kind of high school sweethearts i guess) but he drives me insane with his nail biting, obsessive timekeeping, football loving, passenger seat driving ways... in fact i think i may just have to write a post about it.

  11. I have to agree with Julianna and Jewels and Another Day. That's why I have an ex too! There were too many pet peeves that I couldn't stand it anymore... inconsiderate, self centered, always late, never reliable, etc. etc. Ugghhh Men, can't live with them, can't live without them! ;-)

  12. Starting a conversation and then walking away, continuing said conversation thinking the other person can still clearly hear and understand you. If you want to talk to me, please talk to my FACE. lol My boss does this every damn day to me, it DRIVES ME NUTS. lol

  13. hahaha... can i just say first.. that my man mumbles. but he's not mumbling because he's talking to me. he just mumbles as if he was talking to himself!!!! I've seen him do that previously and I really just haven't proven that he talks to himself! one time i said "HUH?? WHAT?? were you talking to me??" .. i was CERTAIN he was talking to himself.

    then FINALLY. the day he was going to the states... we were talking about cigarettes. something like.. if he was going to bring some cigarettes. then he murmured... "..blahblahb so expensive"...

    i was like "HUH?!"


    and i squealed it to his sister. and his sister even confirmed that she too sometimes notices that and now we have finally proven it.

    anyway I totally agree to KBF. UGH.

    i had this one comment she goes ..something like "hello i followed you, please follow me back" (something like that) ... I wanted to comment on her blog and say "WHY?"

    ... ugh... i mean .. i try to look for blogs... but it's like hopping to a lot of them and then skimming them which ones i like best.

    queen , you deleted the comment? you think i should delete those people who did that to my blog too? ... i usually dont so i can visit my commenters. but if they comment like that, i definitely wont get future sensible feedback anyway right? ... okay i just answered my question lol. i just wanted to know what you think

  14. I'm one of your new followers and just wanted to say that I'm loving what I've read so far! :)

    My pet peeve or more like major f***ing annoyance is my sister. She pisses me off so much! (And no I'm not just another sibling bitching) She literally treats our whole family like crap but puts her asshole of a boyfriend on a pedestal regardless of the way he treats her.

    Hazel xxx


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