Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tag - Your It

So Novie tagged me, and I have never been tagged before, but I think what I am supposed to do is answer these questins Novie asked, and then tag some other people and give them new questions to answer...

PS-Don't be shy folks-just becasue I did not ask you does not mean you cannot comment below with your answers-I love getting to know you all!

So here it goes.... Novie asked me...
1.What was your fondest childhood memory?
Going to live with my dad.  I used to get to go over the summer, and I loved it, and then we got to live with him full-time, and I loved the land, his garden, the fresh fruit and berries, horse back riding-the whole of it was just great.

2. How was your first kiss?
Awful- the guy had no lips, and I was so nervous-I hated the way his mouth tasted, ewww just thinking about it creeps me out for some reason, I guess I was expecting it to be like the movies and it was not!
3. Where do you think is the best place to retire?
Somewhere hot, like Jamaica or Barbados, maybe Greece.

4. If given the chance to speak to God face to face, what would you tell Him?
I would ask him when it is my turn.  When is it my time to be happy.  Why did he put me here so I would be hurt, when do I get a break.

5. Do you consider yourself LUCKY?
Not at all-I have only won one thing in my life and it was for doing some survey in University and I got fifty dollars to the bookstore.

6. Are you aggressive or the shy type?
I think I have both traits.  I can be aggressive in certain situations and shy in others.  

7. Cake or Ice cream?
Ice Cream-chocolate-and none of this ice milk crap-the real deal! 

Now I am going to tag the following people and you must answer these new questions...

Jewels at Turning 30
Fabuleslie at Give Me Paws
Here are your questions...
1. What is your favorite day of the week?

2. Cats or dogs?

3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

4. If you could have one super power what would it be?

5.  When you were younger, what did you dream of being when you grew up?

6.  What is your favorite quote?

7.  What is your favorite TV show/sitcom?


  1. ok, I did it... u have some good question... I actually had to THINK! lol

  2. Hey :)

    Q1) Friday - I get to see Paul

    Q2) Dogs

    Q3) Prague - It's beautiful and reminds me of being in a fairytale

    Q4) A mixture of Charles Xavier and Jean Grey from X-men

    Q5) An actress

    Q6) Everything happens for a reason

    Q7) Merlin/The Big Bang Theory

    Hazel xxx

  3. Ha Ha first kiss sucked too!!!

  4. I'm getting to it right now! Eee! I actually can't wait!

    BTW--I literally laughed out loud at "...the guy had no lips..." I can relate to many of your answers.

  5. I'm going to answer here...because I'm a kill joy...hahaha.

    Q1. Saturday. No work and no work tomorrow. Heaven!

    Q2. Dogs for sure.

    Q3. I'd love to say I'd see more of Europe but in truth I want to rent an RV and road trip all across the US and Canada.

    Q4. Invisibility

    Q5. A teacher...then I became one and said "forget this"

    Q6. Life is short but sweet for certain-DMB

    Q7. was Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  6. Thanks, my bloggy friend! I'm flattered and will answer soon!

  7. Novie tagged me too!! i dont know if i will be able to come up with the answers myself lol

  8. btw i made a guest post about being single and on dating... i hope you check it out!


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