Friday, September 24, 2010

Relationship Rant-POLL

To bring this busy week to an end-I am going to take it easy and give you a poll to ponder over the weekend.  I am so sorry to everyone that I have been slacking off on the blog front-I still love you all, but I have a new project I am working on for a friend of mine that is taking up more time then I had assumed.  Please forgive me, and I promise to catch up with you all.  So lets get on with it shall we...

What attracts you to the opposite sex?

I will go first...

I like a man that has ambition and goals, but superficially he needs to have good looks too!


  1. What attracts me is if he has a sense of humor, not take himself so seriously... Integrity is a biggie for me...also if he knows the words " I was wrong, I am sorry"

  2. Twinkly eyes and a sincere grin. Honesty. Laughter.

  3. Typically, nice smiles. Body type, I'm all over the map.

  4. Conversation. If he genuinely says what I need/want to hear, I could care less what he looks like. -J

  5. Sense of humor and can pull of a sensible conversation. :)

  6. 1. humor
    2. intelligence
    3. good grammar

  7. Superficially (because that's what you look at first) he needs to be tall (becuase for some reason that is a deal breaker for me - I like ridiculously tall men) and rather handsome with a good smile.

    And most importantly he needs to be intelligent, like to read, able to make good conversation, be able to properly use grammer, charming, athletic, motivated, ambitous, intersting and interested...

    Hmm.... anyone surprised I'm still single?

  8. ambition, intelligence, good teeth, and a good sense of humour

  9. SENSE OF HUMOR!!! and then smile

  10. don't appologize...everyone gets busy. Life doesn't always pause for blogging.

    What attracts me is kind dyes, a great smile, height, a good sense of humor, and a great hug. I'm getting all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. *sigh*


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