Monday, September 27, 2010

Relationship Rant PLAYLIST-Song 7

Well my wonderfuls- it is Monday, and that can only mean one thing... sing like no ones watching and grab a box of kleenex because it is time for Song 7 of the Relationship Rant PLAYLIST.  I love this song-but then again Alanis made millions writing songs after a breakup... whenever I am feeling low I just put on some Jagged Little Pill and let Alanis say everything I want to say- for me...

This song is off her last album which I believe was done after her breakup with Ryan Reynolds, so again a great album, but this song has the ability to touch us in a way that is far greater then any man, woman or breakup.  A post I read recently on Surviving Boys comes to mind, and she brings the idea of perfection to light, saying that perfection is only a perception.

The truth is, no one will ever be perfect, perfection is an intangible goal that no one man or woman can ever be.  As humans we are always trying to be perfect- we want to lose weight, have more money and meet the perfect guy because we believe perfection will make us happy.  However, one thing I have learned is that once we get all of these things, we want more, there are more things that would make our lives perfect.

It is a vicious cycle that never ends.. so what do we do?  We should live our lives, be happy in our own skin, and do the best we can even if we are not perfect.  I do not know anyone rich, poor, over/underweight, married or single that is truly happy because of these things, they are happy because they are happy with who they are, and understand that nothing in life is perfect or easy-perfection is to each their own...perception of perfection.

Thank-you Surviving Boys for that enlightening post-and I dedicate this song to you today... 

So everyone- let me know what you think of the song... because it is one of my faves...


  1. Read this too, it fits...

  2. Perfection is a vicious cycle.. Just like trying to figure out human nature.., emotions.. anything dealing w/humans, there is no logic because emotion, human nature is illogical.. In a given situation, there are no two people who would act/react in the same manner...One person's idea of perfection is another one's insanity..And yes, I did read the article.. A sad article and commentary on people..Tho, i am sure its been going on since the beginning of time.

  3. It's hard to be happy in your own skin when you can't even get your skin to Yes we are not perfect people but expect perfect situations huh....As far as being perfect I have been claimed or even tried to be perfect. I am what I am and I do what I do and if no one likes it or if everyone loves it doesn't concern me that's why I live in AMERICA so I can be me and be free! Thank you for letting me rant and thanks for all your comments and thoughts!

  4. Thanks so much. I actually LOVE this song, I've never heard it in a more acustic version though. And thanks for linking to Dan's blog too... he started it. :) Here's to be imperfect! -J

  5. Beautiful song! :)


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