Friday, August 13, 2010

A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

So it is that time y'all, eff I love saying that... anyways, it is time for our next installment of my beloved segment titled, A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words.  Yeah that's right I am sure you have all been missing it so lets get er done!

PS-Don't forget to send me your funny pictures so I can interpret them for you, and keep my gang smiling-I am worried if they stop loving me, they will hunt me down and find out my one weakness- yes folks that is right Clark Kent's was cryptonite, but mine is far far worse-eggplant-I hate it-it is so gross no matter how you cook it-I can see it now my followers charging at me with pinatas filled with eggplant.  So send them to me right away-you hear me!

Her:  So I gotta ask, why did you bring this stop sign to bed with you hun?

Him:  You know why!

Her:  No I don't, please enlighten me.

Him:  Well I am sick of you always forcing yourself on me.  I mean we have sex like thirty times a day, and I just can't do it anymore!

Her:  What do you mean you can't do it anymore, you made a vow!

Him:  Yeah, but the sex is supposed to dwindle in relationships over time, and you have not let up in 6 years.

Her:  So you think by putting some measly stop sign in the middle of us, you are safe from my raging sexual libido.  I don't think so hunny, now come here and give me your lovin, I want ten more babies, and no stupid sign is going to stop me!

Him:  You are crazy, I think you need to see a therapist.

Her:  Or what, are you going to go and cry to the Queen about how I want your monkey thirty times a day, all the men will laugh at you, go ahead Bwah hahhahahah (evil laugh). Now come here!

Him:  No Stop-No means no!

Her:  Yeah right- we all no that is bullsh*t

Stop Sign:  So when are we gonna get freaky here guys?


  1. a great funny to start the day with

  2. I almost peed my pants at the end when the stop sign stepped up looking for action thx for that

  3. you know that senario (minus the stop sign lol) prob happens more than you think.
    But def loved the appearence of the stop sign at theend.

  4. ROFL--Love the Stop Sign's comment!!!!!!


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