Thursday, August 26, 2010

Relationship Rant: POLL

Well you are all too amazing.  Thank you for your wonderful advice.  I know when people put time into things, and you all do that so well.  I feel you really do truly want to help me and others with their relationship rants and problems.  I am so glad to be able to call you my friends, and I will try to give you all the same appreciation by visiting your blogs and being helpful-just like all of you have been to me.

So I am a busy Queen today, so I only have time to put this quick poll out to all of you awesome readers and followers.....

This poll was inspired by A Day in The Wife as her funny story about her boss finding out about her blog made me laugh... so I have a juicy question that I want answered by you all...

Do your friends and family know about your blog?

PS-Follow me so you never miss a rant!

Send me your rants, and get advice from me and my readers-c'mon people we are in a recession and you are still paying for therapy???


  1. My friends and family know about my blog, because they're all on Facebook and I link to it from there. I made the decision to sacrifice being able to discuss *certain* topics in order to use Facebook as a tool to get readers, so it's not like I was writing all this juicy stuff and suddenly my family found it. I try to be very mindful of what I post and who will be reading it, and if I want to write about something else I'll just have to do so outside of the blog.

    I have a pretty good relationship with my family, though, so having them read my blog is not a huge deal; I mostly talk about work and day-to-day stuff that I would tell them anyway. I think if I wrote about the kinds of things that are discussed on this blog, though, I would be mortified if they read it. So I stay away from the relationship/sexual/personal stuff.

    The person I'm most afraid of finding my blog is my District Manager because I've written some pretty nasty stuff about her, other people in upper management, and customers. While I don't name names under any circumstances and keep my Facebook settings very restricted, there are people who work with me who know about and read my blog. And while these people are my friends, I'm afraid that someone who doesn't like me will find out about it and tattle.

    Every time she comes in the store I have this fear that she's going to call me in the office and fire me over my latest "Douchiest Customer Award," because she's all about how customers are so great and never wrong and blah blah blah. (Needless to say, SHE doesn't have to work with them on a regular basis.)

    Anyway, thanks for following. I enjoy your blog and hope you enjoy mine too!

  2. I hadn't even read a post and signed up as a follower. First of all..your blog is pink. That makes me happy. Second of have a crown as your photo, and frankly I have crown envy. And made me laugh out loud already and I hadn't read anything yet. And I love talking about relationship and something tells me we're gonna get along just fine!

    Come by and visit when you've got a chance!

    I will DEFINITELY be back!

  3. Oh and friends do know about my blog. There are 4 people I work with who also know about it and read it. My boss, thankfully does not know about it. Especially given I just wrote about my job. Oops. I love sharing that I write. I have a lot of people that I work with, indirectly who read it, but so far, no one has ratted me out. *fingers crossed* that it never happens.

  4. Nope, well except my boyfriend - i had to since i dedicated a whole section to his annoyingness. I think if my family asked i would tell them but i use my blog as a way to vent a lot of the time, and the i don't know how my friends and family would feel about that. Plus i'm really terrified of my friends turning around and saying it's rubbish, i know they wouldn't because they are all far too nice. It's like putting yourself out there for others to judge hmmm maybe i should tell them :/

  5. My Mom and the rent-a-hubby know about it. I have shared a random post or 2 with a few freinds, but for the most part, NO. But if they find out, so be it. I change names and I have a discosure to them under the "misguided mission" tab. I swear some of them piss me off just so they DO end up in the blog. -J

  6. My friends and family all know. But I do think about making a secret one with a secret identity so I can be foul-mouthed and crazy like my true self is at times. Maybe someday. Until then, everyone knows.

  7. So far not a single one of my 15 followers are friends or family. Only 3 of my closest friends and one family members knows about my blog. This is the first I have ever shared my writing with anyone and seeing as it's such a frank online journal I don't think it's fit for my family although I do intend to invite more friends to read it.
    I love all the feedback you give me and I love leaving it for you!! :-)
    Everyone feel free to stop by

  8. Only a very select few, maybe 4/5 people, know that I have a blog. And I have never let them read it. They are collegues and friends and some of them are mentioned in my blog. My family don't know about it and hopefully never will :) Only one person mentioned in my blog has read it. It made it very difficult to write about him knowing that he will actually read it. I did'nt start the blog so that people I knew could read it, it was more of a vent for my thoughts - like a diary.

  9. My friends know about my blog, especially since I'll advertise it from time to time on my Facebook account, but I purposely don't advertise it to my family. They have a tendency to comment on EVERYTHING I write on FB, and I don't really want that carrying over to my blog. Plus, I'd like the option to write about personal stuff at some point, even if I don't really exercise it.


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