Monday, August 16, 2010

NEW SEGMENT: Relationship Rant PLAYLIST-Song 1

Okay y'all, (yup still obsessed with this word) I have yet another awesome segment to try out!  When I am feeling low, music has a way of empowering me.  Especially when it concerns men or relationships.  A lot of my favorite songs are relationship rants, but with chords and melody's. 

So what better way to cheer yourself up, get back at an ex, or mend a broken heart then to turn on your favorite song, and sing like nobody's watching.  (I do this in my car all the time, and I probably looked like a freak, until Lord Jebus ((cant say the real lords name in vane)) invented the law that you cant talk on your cell which led to the invention of hands free devices, which makes everyone look like a freak-yay I finally fit in).

So my awesome readers, here is song 1 of the Relationship Rant Playlist.... (sorry if you hate country music, but listen to it, or there is no telling what Jebus will do to you!)

PS-If you have any Playlist requests, comment below or email me.


  1. Know what I love about country music? THE STORIES!

    NO one can tell a story like a country singer...

    And I love Reba. I actually met her when she was here, and we catered for her. She is really nice.

  2. OMG that is so cool, glad you liked it, I know they tell them the best, my man hates country music and complains that they are all sad, but what would music be like if it were all happy, and that is a lie, some country music is great to dance to and drink to as well.

  3. I agree with The Empress about country music. About 50% of Taylor Swift's music is relationship ranting. Love it.

  4. Music is so very important to me. I LOVE country music and I LOVE Reba! You know what's weird? I'm getting ready to post a Reba song! :) I love how music is so therapeutic and comforting.

  5. LOVE LOVE this song. And the song you suggested by Darrius Rutker (AKA Hootie)...One of my favorites. If you get a chance...

    I think you'll enjoy this post. Yuppers, I like country weather I want to or not.

    Oh, and I say Y'all, and Yaught-to, and darlin' a lot. :) -J

  6. Music is definitely a great way to cope with current situations. I love how there's always a song out there that you can relate to in your darkest moments, no matter what the situation. I love this song and love your posts. Keep it up!

  7. I have three go-to bands when I'm feeling depressed about a relationship: Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service and Ryan Adams. All of them sing about relationships, and they're all pretty somber and sad. I can't really get into most country music though, as Adams is the closest I get.

  8. this is like country-pop... weirddd.


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