Friday, August 20, 2010

Women Are Illogical

Queen I need your help,

PART I. - Went to a wedding - met a girl (23yrs) at the reception dinner. Girl's date(23yrs) shows up to dinner 1.5 hrs late. When girl leaves table, date says he parties 6 nights a week without her. When guy leaves table she says her and date broke up after 2 years and are not even facebook friends. Girl, date, myself and a female family member go to various bars after wedding dinner in my vehicle. Girl dances with me all night, makes sexual comments, grabs my crotch, wears my blazer jacket, piggy backs me around bar. Leaves at end of night with date.

PART II - Girl adds my female family member to facebook next day and asks what her and I are doing that night because we are so much fun. Family member says staying home. Girl asks family member for my phone number. Girl invites me out to bar. I show up and girl brought date. Date talks to me all night like we're best friends. I leave and delete Girl's number from cell phone.

PART III - Girl blows up my phone every second day with texts and invites to go out. When confronted about the clearly unfinished business with her "date" and accusation of her being in a relationship, she does not deny it and says I can stop talking to her at anytime if I feel awkward about the situation. So I said "ok".

I continue to get texts, invites and "guilt" messages that "YOU NEVER WANT TO PARTY WITH ME!". I continue to mention - "YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND!" .
This has not seemed to resolve the issue.

WHAT THE F$%# IS GOING ON? I told her there is no way I will even look at her as long as she has a bf, I told her I will not go out to party, I will not pick her up, I am not interested. Yet she persists.

Please explain if I'm just being used a tool to make the bf jealous, or if I'm being used in some other capacity or generally what the f&%@ is going on because I'm lost.

Thanks Queen.......


  1. Girl sounds like she just wants attention from any and every male she runs across. Given that she's 23, that doesn't surprise me. The prob is that by saying you're not interested "as long as she has a bf" you're implying you ARE interested. Which is exactly the girl wants: attention/interest.

    Ignore her texts completely. Quit responding, and after a dozen ignores, she'll give up because she's not getting what she wants (ie: any response = attention).

  2. Oh um, I could be totally wrong too. :)

  3. Oh this is toughy-given her age I think ADC is right. She sounds a bit all over the place. Since I do not know you I do not know what you are looking for in life-but from the sounds of your rant it is not some crazy 23 year old chick who is technically cheating on her boyfriend by grabbing crotches and such!

    Her boyfriend also sounds like a tool so I think you they were meant for each other- but I get an inkling that you had a good time with her and she made quite an impression on you-so this ones up to you-are you willing to try to tame the dragon and risk getting burned?

  4. I think she's just young and indecisive...I think when while the cat (bf) is away, the mouse (girl) wants to play!

  5. I dunno...girl sounds kinda like a "p%$*! tease." I get that she's young, but, man, I don't know--she sounds firmly stuck in the attention-seeking category.

    If you are looking for a girl to have a relationship with, is this really the kind of girl you want? One who grabs your personal area, makes sexual comments, etc. only hours after meeting you?

    To each his/her own, but honestly, let this one go. You don't need to deal with someone who is just playing around. As long as you feed her with texts or other forms of communication, she will carry on toying with you.

    I've known girls like this--they thrive on the game. The only way to stop it, is to quit playing.

    There's better out there for you--if it starts out this complicated, it's likely not going to get any better.

  6. This comment...

    "but I get an inkling that you had a good time with her and she made quite an impression on you-so this ones up to you-are you willing to try to tame the dragon and risk getting burned?"

    Really stands out. If this guy truly wasn't interested in her (due to the bee-eff), he wouldn't even be responding to her texts. Clearly, there's some level of interest/desire. Hey, I guess he's only human. Not sure what advice to give, though. That's someone I'd steer clear of. Even if she and the boyfriend broke up and all this guy wanted was a one-night stand type dealio (she doesn't seem like relationship material), she probably wouldn't leave him alone and possibly go psycho on him!

  7. Dang, I would definitely stay away from her.. What an attention whore... Sorry, if that sounds a bit harsh but that is what she is as well as being a drama queen...

  8. Whoa she sounds like a train wreck! I'm as confused as you are :/ I'd keep my distance if i was you, she either wants to make him jealous or she unsure of what she wants and is flitting between you and him. That's unfair to you, nobody deserves that. Save your time for someone who is worth it.


  9. Umm, could they be swingers, looking for a good time together with you?

  10. Yes, she sounds like someone who desperately needs attention and affirmation that she is appealing. I don't know if this can just be chalked up to being young, because many people need this fix of flirting and gaining attention and they never outgrow it. Only time will tell if she will outgrow this, but that no reason not to have her blocked on FB and your cell phone, this woman is trouble.

  11. Too much drama... STAY AWAY FROM HER!!! Hope that helps ;-)

  12. At her age she's probably just loving the high of having men want her. She is looking for attention, and dare I say, may have Daddy issues. If she has a boyfriend and is grinding up on you and grabbing your crotch, this probably isn't the kind of girl you want to enter into a relationship with anyway.
    My advice is to walk away. Ignore her texts, thereby depriving her of the attention she so desperatly seeks, and let her torture some other guy with her c**k teasing ways.

  13. Yeah I agree with Jen. This girl sounds insane and a complete attention whore who just wants attention from guys. If she's grabbing your crotch and piggy backing on you just hours after she met you, the girl needs to calm down and get off her damn phone!!

    ps just started following your blog and I love the idea behind it! I can't wait to read more posts!! xx


  14. That is all very bizarre. No idea what's happening here. Weird-o chick!

  15. Wow,
    quite the discussion, and this one brought in a few more followers, I cant wait to check all your blogs out-

    I think we can agree this chick is a psycho, you know one of those walking around giving the rest of us a bad name!

  16. She sounds like an attention whore and God forbid if her "boyfriend" finds out that another man has been texting her - innocent or not.

    I have to echo what everyone else has said and let this one go.

    P.S. I'm 20, and I'd never behave like that. Age isn't an excuse!

  17. I thing you will be wrong....Must think again.


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