Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Invited-Sorry No Singles Allowed

Dear Queen of the Rant,

I am so sick of married couples with kids not inviting me to their kids birthday party's.  I mean I got invited to the first birthday for several of them, but I am not invited to them anymore.  I know I do not have kids, do you have to rub it in?  Since when did being single mean you were not allowed to go to a darn child's birthday. You think they would want the extra gift!  If that's the case, perhaps when it comes to my birthday, no couples are allowed! I mean the party's are not all that luxurious with screaming children everywhere for them to be excluding people, I did not know being single made you this unpopular.  The worst thing is that they try to hide the fact that they are having a party, and when someone brings it up they look like they just robbed a bank or something, this feels like high school all over again.


  1. I cannot say that I have never experienced this sort of singlism before. However, I would not feel too bad, just think of how many events married couples with children cannot attend because they have children. Wish them a happy birthday, and even get them a gift, but do not feel bad that you miss out on a couple of hours of crying and screaming, otherwise you can have my invitation :)

  2. You *want* to be invited to a kid's birthday party? Why?!?!

    We used to invite single adults to our kids' parties. They were bored and we had to run-around making it a hybrid kid/adult party. Who wants to worry about getting beer and wine for a 5 year old's party?

    If you feel insulted, talk to the parent. Explain that you want to feel included in their and their children's lives. You'll be invited to dinner, although they'll explain that the party is for kids and they don't feel comfortable with adults there. a father who's been to kids parties with singles invited... Single adults at childrens' parties are creepy. And, if god forbid another single man takes a picture of my little girl, I'll call the police.

  3. I understand what you are saying, but I do not think they want to go, I think they just do not want to feel left out. I think being invited and attending are two different things, and hopefully their intentions on attending the party are wholesome.

  4. ...what a terrible thing to do to someone!!! SCREW those people then! you should just be happy in your own life w/ what you got going on to make YOU happy; forget what they appear to be like 'cause some of them who PRETEND to have this perfect little special family life are actually completely miserable. people who treat others miserably, like they seem to be doing, are indeed just miserable people. they'll try their best to appear "normal", but they are cracking inside due to the weight of their own self-disdain.; sounded kinda like a psychiatrist right now! LOL i'm not a physician; just an observant & honest person.

    if these losers are happy by being disrespectful to a good friend, then they are not worthy of a good friend like you; it's really just that simple!

    how RUDE!

  5. although i agree no harm if you miss such events, it is also unpolite from such persons- they should invite or ask anway..
    but that1s just how some married people are- they think they live some sacred life and singles could never understand/ screw that/them if they can`t interact normaly with people, no metter if the`re married or single - it is a person you have a reltionship with, not the status... Such people are sooo boring...


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