Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kate Gosselin

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So this is my first rant, Kate Gosselin is a good person.  I hate people constantly saying how she is a bad mother and the reason why Jon left her.  No Jon left her because he is an idiot, and does not have his priorities straight.  He is a douche, chasing after rich girls.  He has 8 kids and no job.  Lay off of poor Kate, she is doing what she can, and who said a little discipline made you a bad mother?  If I had 8 kids I would be crabby every once and a while too!

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  1. Kate Gosselin is just awful ?

    How can you say that?

    She's a terrible mother. She's using her children and her inept
    ability of creating hordes of them to cash in. They are
    accessories. There is no doubt shes loves them. But really. Why
    continue on the tv with out the family that made her rich.

    I question her motives.

    She is far from the humble woman shes is trying to portray. Far
    from it.

    Shes is the epitome of the American Dream.

    What she does is not work.

    Raising children has been done for centuries by women far better
    then she, and they never once got a hefty pay check and national
    recognition. They went unthanked by the nation ...

    as a mothers role is as natural as breathing. It's not something
    that is glamorized and used as a cash cow for your own personal

    There are women far better then her raising bigger families on less
    income and deserve more respect then what they get.

    Kate Gosselin in a joke. Her next step will be into the porn
    industry as she is pretty much a media whore as it is now.

    But people like you are going to make those kids lives unbearable
    in a few years. With your 'continued support for poor old kate'

    We all saw what happened to child star britney spears and the route
    little Miley Cyrusis going on....

    What makes you think in 18 years time those Gosselin kids aren't
    going to be all messed up and wishing they had a 'normal' life.

    I'll make a pact with you know that one of those Gosselin girls
    will have a nervous breakdown at the age of 20.

    Mark my words.

    Good day.

    think of the children when you throw your support behind a selfish,
    narcissitc woman such as Kate Gosselin.


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