Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nothing but Negativity


My man is in a slump right now in his life, and I guess he is not where he thought he would be in his life right now.  He is always saying, I hate my life, and I hate hearing him say that.  I immediately think it is me that has caused him to think like this, even though I am probably the best thing in his life right now!  His negativity is wearing onto me, and it puts me in a bad mood.  There are plenty of people on this world that have it way worse then him, why cant he see the good aspects of his life, and if it is all that bad then change it.  It sure as hell is not going to get any better if you keep saying how much you hate it!
Kangaroo Keeper


  1. Do you think he is depressed, or just saying it for attention. He needs to figure out what is going to make him happy. If we say something over and over again sometimes it ends up actually happening, but people need to figure out how to be thankful for what they have before it is gone.

  2. my boyfriend has crazy mood swings and can get like this. I have learned to not take it personally and just ignore him, sometimes it works, and well sometimes it does not, it makes me think he is just looking for attention

  3. I understand what you mean.. why do some people take what can be all positive and still put obstacles in the way to make things difficult. I am ready to commit to a middle-aged woman here -I am professionally employed, American, polite, fun, monogomous...she has a 5 yo kid, we have a good sex life but she but still finds reasons every couple of months or so to break-up. Wow! People really are strange.


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