Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Welcome All!

I just want to welcome everyone to my site. I hope you will have as much from reading and contributing as I will have blogging. To kick things off, send me all of your relationship rants, and I will post them for everyone to read comment and enjoy. You will get a dose of my own relationship rants as well, so happy reading...

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  1. GOOD MAN? my exgirlfriend on wednesday came over we talked she loves me. not use to having someone like me who cares about her and will help take care of her. i told her that s what partners do for each other. i can do this for her and she can do that for me. we both bring different capabilities to the table. one hand washes the other. said u will be by my side not behind but next to me. Oh u treat me so good alot better that my last boyfriend of 5 or 10 years. not use to it. OK then the next day she calls says i have to take care of myself ive got to do whats best for me nobody ever took care of me before, well i said thats ok i will help u etc... be there for u etc... 1 MONTH PRIOR SHE ACCEPTED A RING FROM ME???? Hasn't took or returned a phone call sense


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