Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trust or Lack There Of

Dear Queen of the Rant,
Today started off on a bad note, as some do.  However, in relationships a bad day can turn into a terrible day pretty quickly.  You see my boy friend has extreme jealousy issues, borderline crazy I would say, but I have learned to deal with it.  I understand trust is something I must earn, and I have done things to make him not trust me, but nothing as severe as cheating.  He has had these issues since before I met him, so I know it is not completely my fault, but I do not take it well. I get defensive and jump down his throat, but hey at 7:00 am in the morning if you got asked what you had been doing for the last half hour, you would too I am sure.  I mean what the heck do you think I am doing.  We are long past the days of having milk men, and I am not rich enough to afford a pool boy so where the heck do you think I was... I was doing what very many women do at 7:00 am in the morning I made some coffee had a shower, and am doing my make-up and being your alarm clock, waking your butt up.  At least I do it with a calm soothing voice unlike the way I get to wake up to a blaring beep.  Will there ever be a day that this guy trusts me, or is trying to gain this guys trust a big waste of time?


  1. That has got to be up to you, but a lot of this seems to be about control too. Don't get defensive as you have hurt the trust, but do not let him get away with making you out as a cheater when indeed that has never happened. You came to the right place, thanks for visiting...

  2. Well I thought I would take a chance. Obviously you love this guy or you would not be with him. I have learned this in life and trust it. Things like trust, and treating people with dignity are choices no matter what we have done. America has the hugest hang ups on relationships i have ever seen in the world. You continue to make the decision to hang with this dude. Does he continue to manipulate you because of some issue. Forgiveness is a decision not something a person grows into. Ask yourself this question, "do I deserve to be treat the way I am being treated? If you say no. You only have yourself to blame if you dont do something about it.

    Love and stuff from one human to another.


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