Friday, May 14, 2010

Naked Relationships

I recently heard this term called 'Naked Marriages"  where a couple will marry without a ring, a house, a car, and all the other 'necessities'.  However, who said you need all this to get married.  Marriage is about showing your love, not how much stuff you have together.  I find men are pulling this excuse for not giving women children and getting married, because they do not have a house or a car.  Who said you need that?  Did you parents have that?  My parents raised three kids in a basement suite for the first three years before they bought a small run down house.  They worked their butts off, are men these days really that lazy, this stuff does not fall from the freakin sky.


  1. I love your post, and your whole blog, ranting is great. I like this term, and I think you are on to something here, keep it up Queen.

  2. Maybe its because we do not want to be loser dads!

  3. You said " I find men are pulling this excuse for not giving women children and getting married, because they do not have a house or a car. "!!! Are you freaking kidding me?????????? Have you even been out there dating recently??????? Women today want all that and more, BEFORE a man can walk through the door!!!!!! I have never seen the "gentler sex" so materialistic in all my 42 years!!!!! Women today will not even look at you unless you are making at least six figures, driving a $40k car, have 6 pack abs, tan skin, and will give them everything they ask for. The minute you tell a "modern woman" No, lord help you child, you are going to hear a raft of shit like you never thought possible. They all want what they see on Real housewives of wherever! The big house, the big cars, and all the clothes and jewelry they can carry! If you can't take them to Miami every other weekend, than you don't stand a chance. Don't talk to me about Naked Relationships! Lets talk about blatent golddigging!!!!! Thank god I have found a woman that puts more emphasis on our relationship and our future then on material things. She understands that it takes hard work to achieve success. And I am happy to work my ass off for her. Because she appreciates what we have, and what we are working for. I am one of the lucky ones! But i'll tell you this, I had to throw back alot of nasty money grubbing harpies to find this pearl in the sea. Maybe if women were not so greedy, men wouldn't be so gun shy of commitment.


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