Monday, July 12, 2010

A Positive Rant

Since ranting can sometimes get judged as a negative thing to do, I must liven things up a bit with a little taste of positive ranting... you see I let people rant on my blog to give them a sense of freedom.  We have no judges, we are not friends who will tell you to leave or that dreadful ' I told you so'.  No -ranting is just a way of venting, without hurting anyones feelings.  Sometimes we just need to get things off of our chest, or hear other people problems to know that our own are not all that bad.  However, in a world of ranting, I must show you all that I am not this wicked ol witch of relationships.  I am just like you, and enjoy positivity and humor, I hope this makes you smile...
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  1. LOL never thought of you as being wicked, well not that kind of wicked (mean)....Its the rants that can be

  2. Thanks for stopping by and giving me your thoughts on the dress for the wedding! I really needed to hear that! Thanks!!!! No it doesn't have to be champagne but I guess it has to "blend in"...I think I'm going for it too! I really like it and I'm taking to a lady on Friday to see about cutting the train off and the ruffles! I'll keep you posted! I'm now following you! Please follow me back if you haven't already!!

    Have a great week!

  3. Is that little girl not the cutest? She reminds me that we need to love life and ourselves every single day!

  4. Hey Queen,

    I was listening to this podcast the other day, and found it very enlightening. It emphasized the importance of venting based on scientific findings in people.

    To sum it up, venting doesn't make us better simply because we're able to pour our emotions into words and hear them come out of our mouths (or, in this case, onto the screen) - it's actually only effective because we feel that we're HEARD, that someone is listening.

    So that's why I think your blog is awesome. That is all for today. :)

  5. @The Everygirl, if you find it again, please send it to me, I think it would be great to post it on my blog, thanks for the insight YOU ROCK!


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