Monday, July 19, 2010

NEW SEGMENT: Queen Peeves

Thanks to Crystal Jigsaw (why do men scratch their balls in public?) and Wife Advice (being married from a mans point of view) I have come up with a new segment to keep you all awwwing and ewwwing at my blog! :)

I will call it Queen Peeves and it is where you, me, and the weird nosey guy sitting beside me can share our pet peeves about our husbands, wives, friends, family, co workers, pets, and nosey weird men!

I know your probably wondering what is the difference between pet peeves and rants!  Well, the truth is there is not much of a difference, perhaps they will be shorter, and involve sillier, stupid, irritating things that our loved ones do!  Where as a rant is just yelling and screaming about anything and are usually maybe a little more serious in nature??  Maybe??

Do not worry I will go first, just to get the ball rolling...

So it infuriates me when my husband has dreams and then wakes up and acts like they are real!  The worst was when he had a dream about catching me cheating on him (which I would never even dream of doing-no pun intended) and he wakes up and is all mad at me.  I ask him why and he tells me about his dream.  This went on all day, like he really thought it was true and that the truth was telepathically being radio-waved through to his dreams??? 

The only time I have ever dreamed something and thought it was true was when I drempt about putting the ice cream away and the next day I found it in the cupboard-put away-just not in the right place!

So now it is your turn, tell me I am not the only one with a peeve to share....


  1. My husband never answers the phone, ever, like I am some sort of receptionist! He just lets it ring and ring and f*c&ing ring.

  2. My very good friend--a man--will call and tell me he needs to talk to me at a specific time (like some odd time--say, 9:47 p.m. that night). I always ask if he could just tell me now, since we're talking. Nope, he's too busy. If 9:47 rolls around, he calls, and I can't get the phone, he goes into the pout of a century. Annoying. Sometimes I think HE thinks the world revolves around him. It's actually really funny...sometimes.

  3. My ex used to wipe his mouth on the hand towel in the kitchen. Umm. If you do that, and I wash my hands and then dry them on that towel, are my hands clean? NO. They are not. Ugh.

  4. Perfect, love them, totally bizarre!

  5. Sticky handles in my house, or others' houses. EW!! If the sticky handle is used frequently by a toddler, I understand. But handles used by adults... EW!! -Westie

  6. Rant over at mine. I'm in a ranty mood this week because I'm fed up with Orange too. Have treated myself to a new phone and it won't work, but they don't seem to be sorting it out. I'm just off to make another phone call.

    CJ xx

  7. biggie: Saying he's going to fix something, right now or this weekend, and not have it fixed for a zillion years. *grawr* I hired a HOT handyman to knock off... er, um, a few things on the list. It took the edge off!!

  8. Are you this hillarious in person?? You would be such a blast to hang out with!! And these rants that people are talking about... I'm laughing out loud here at work!! Keep these posts comin'!!


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