Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Relationship Poll

Do you owe anyone in your life an apology?

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  1. To me this poll seems like a given, of course I owe someone an apology, mine is to my dad, for not being around enough, and for being such a horrible teenager!

  2. Depends on the degree of what was done/said...At least in my eyes...btw, I emailed ya.. did u get? If not, blogger is screwing up the emails... Email me your addy...

  3. My grandmother passed away last year. She and I had brief but formative stretches of time together when I was young - she took care of me when my parents couldn't. She came to Canada once, after my brother was born, and looked after us. At the time I was about six and had this huge stuffed panda (it seemed almost life-size) and Grandma was afraid of it but I insisted on keeping it in our room.

    She left shortly after that for other reasons, but I always felt guilty about it. It seems kind of ridiculous, but like you, Queen - I see the bigger issue, which is that I wish I had spent more time with her, making her happy.

  4. I need to apologize to the ocean because it will never be the same thanks to BP

  5. I want to tell my wife I am sorry for always putting my work first, before her and our son, I missed so many years with him, and those I will never get back, she is such a great mother

  6. Dear Owner of the vacant lot across the alley from my condo,

    I'm sorry I let my dog poop in your lot multiple times without cleaning it up. I've picked up about 1 mess for every 3 that she makes. My bad.


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