Friday, July 23, 2010

Relationship Poll

Well bloghers and bloghims, I am at last going on vacation for two whole weeks.  That means sadly you may not hear from me until August 9th, unless my vacation is boring, and I revert to blogging to pass the time. 

I know it feels like I am abandoning puppies, but I must take some time to clear my head, and come up with new amazing rants and adventures to take you all on.  I am going camping so trust me there will be oodles to rant about when I get back.

Please do not unfollow me, in fact this is a great opportunity to tell everyone you know just how wonderful this blog is!

So before I bid you adieu I want to put this poll out there for you to ponder.

What strategies have you used to get over an ex?

Also, while I am away, give me a stockpile of new rants by emailing me!
And for all you crazy people that have not started following me, you better do it right now!


  1. Delete his number alway helps and having a re-bound guy!!
    have a good time camping

  2. Awww, have a wonderful vacation!!! Can't wait to see what all you have in store when you return!

    Hmm, getting over an ex...well, I don't look back on the good times--that might make me miss him, so...I look at the crappy times, crappy moments...and some chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream doesn't hurt either. :)

  3. Queen, have a good vacation and thanks for all your help, and your viewers, it is strange how much better I feel after reading your blog

  4. Dont go how am I going to let off steam through out the day now, fine go have fun, but you better come back you hear me

  5. What I did earlier this year was to donate some of his prized items to charity!... one item was worth at least $800... I had the last laugh!.. also throwing things in the trash is very cathartic!

  6. @KBF wow what a score, nothing like a new pair of shoes to get you over an ex....

  7. have fun- i hope we don't hear a peep of you for 2 wks b/c that would mean you're having a boring time. :)

  8. Haah you're off for the camping experience too? :D

    have a fun trip :) xx

  9. I generally like to listen to some soothing or interesting music - Pink Floyd, Ryan Adams, etc. I don't smoke pot, which makes the Pink Floyd love unusual, but to each his own!

  10. A total new hair cut...that's the very first thing I do...

  11. I recently sold my car because it was cursed with my ex's bad mojo. Life is much better now!


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