Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Public Nudity

So me and my man and a friend go to the lake over the weekend. You know everything is going great until all of a sudden this chick rolls up in her floaty with two other guys. I do a double take because her bathing suit looks strange and to my surprise, she does not have a bathing suit top on! Yeah that's right boobs hung for the world to see! When she gets out of the water I notice her bottoms are quite strange as well, they are literally a string. I thought that string bikinis were only something you saw in Europe, but apparently not.

Now I am all for public nudity. I mean it does not float my boat, but if you want to get your jugs some sun out on the lake and your not bothering anyone then go right ahead. But when you pull up on shore where there are children running around, and my boyfriend you begin to piss a girl off! Part of me wanted to grab her by the boobs and fling her back into the water, but the bitch was so damn fake nice that I could not do it. Shes all like hi yall, great day heheheheh... this is no time for small talk hunny, so go put a effin shirt on.

So then she goes up to my man and is all having a convo with him, like they are besties are something. I am glaring at my man like WTF??

So this couple beside me who I bonded with are totally making fun of her with me, looking around going what the hell is going on here. We were all in such shock and awww we did not know what to do.

So I have had one to many beers at this point and naked girl and her buddies look like they are taking the trail somewhere so I am like lets steal her floaties. I thought we were like the coolest cats on the beach for taking her floaties so I am braggin all the way home, and my boyfriend goes.. oh she gave those to me by the way! Oh effin really... so you and naked chick are best friends now, sharing floaties and whatever the hell else over there in the bushes! Thanks a lot asshole!

Now how do you think he would of felt if I was chillin in the bushes with some guy with his cock out??

(Sorry I am not usually this much of a potty mouth- just choked that's all!)


  1. I would be pissed as hell but I also would be laughing because you are hilarious and I can imagine you thinking these things while glaring at her floppy jugs.

  2. Wow, that is crazy! I would be mad too, and I bet your man would be mad if you did that to him... one thing I have realized is that women are not as innocent as they seem, there are a lot of girls out there that flaunt their bodies, and get themselves into trouble. Just make sure you are comfortable in your own skin, and leave your man in the dog house for awhile!

  3. Oh me oh my, you are hilarious, but I don't know if I should laugh or feel for you?

  4. Oh my gosh, are you serious??? That girl had some nerve! But then again, she did give you guys her floaties... that's a little funny ;-)

  5. Dang! That's some nerve by booby barbie!! NOT cool! Will never understand how and why women do those things--I can't imagine she would've been too thrilled if you were up in her bf's face. What happened to the golden rule? You know, do unto others...someone needs to remind booby barbie.


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