Monday, October 25, 2010

Relationship Rant-PLAYLIST Song 11

Wowee, it is Monday, and Halloween is quickly approaching. I decorated the house over the weekend so hopfully the kiddies are taking notes on who is likely going to give them the most candy... 

I hope you all had a amazing weekend, and that this Monday is not too busy for you to find a few minutes to enjoy song 11 of my Relationship Rant playlist.

I just discovered this gal, but she has been around for awhile.  If you are a Grey's Anatomy fan then you have likely heard some of her stuff.  I found her by fate- is what I believe, because she is great, and now I get to share my favorite song of hers with all of my wonderful visotors.

Her name is Brandi Carlile, and she is a triple threat in that she can sing, play a mean guitar and the piano as well.  I am sure she does other stuff well too, but those three I know for sure.

She reminds me of a few different artists all rolled into one, and some of my favorites, which is probably why I like her so much.  She reminds me of Pink, Janis Joplin, Johnny Cash, and Adele.  I do not know how to describe her music, I would have to say folk rock soul?  Perhaps I created a new category of music. 

So what do you think about Brandi Carlile?  What would you classify her music as?  I would love some feedback from y'all on this hidden gem...


  1. Psst... I featured you on my blog today... have a look...


  2. I absolutely love this song. I think it's a few years old though. Her voice is amazing. I can't tell you anything about the lyrics, I'm not a lyric person.

  3. Well, either I'm extra weepy today or just feeling kinda lonely, but I totally started crying when I heard this--I love this song, love her voice. I'm thinking she's kind of along the lines of a Sara Bareilles or Sarah McLachlan--very raw, real lyrics. I've seen these artists classified as Adult Alternative under the Rock category on the Music On Demand stations(think that's what they called it). I just think of their music as real, straight to the core of life and relationships kind-of-music...if that makes any sense. lol


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