Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Begging To Be Caught

I am single and dating a man who is living with another woman. I met him while traveling for work at a client site. In a nutshell, that's the background-he is cheating.

Before he left for work the other day, he asked me if he can have my underwear??? I mean, I thought that was a weird request. But I was like, “um, okay”. He said he misses me so much that he wanted something of mine. I suggested taking my fuckin’ luggage too, that way I don’t have to pack lol. He insisted he only wanted my (used) underwear and thanked me for the offer of my luggage.

Anyway, I guess he brought my underwear home and he said he tucked it in the back of his closet – where it has resided for …a long time. About a month ago, his girlfriend asked him to pick up the dry cleaning. He said it was a weird request because he has only picked it up once before during their entire relationship. He gets to the dry cleaners and at the very front of all the dry cleaning was that pair of underwear. He thought he was so slick by just throwing it out – I told him she is sending you a message…The message being SHE KNOWS YOU ARE FUCKING AROUND!!!

Don’t you think his girlfriend knows and was sending him a message? Bringing home my underwear? He is begging to be caught!!


  1. How are you "dating" someone who is in a relationship? This is a fling and not much more, else he'd be trying to be with you. But then he sounds like the type of man to only do this when he has no other option, so if his gf really has him found out, expect him to be the one with luggage.

  2. My question is : why would u want to have another gal's guy? If he is doing that to her w/you, he probably is doing it to you w/another... besides the std's u all are bound to get from each other... He's having sex w/you and u are having sex w/her and so on... Too many cooties are out there. I don't think he is wanting to get caught, he has the life he likes...

  3. OK...let's just get the obvs stuff out of the way since all my predecessors feel the need to point it out. Obvs you are a mistress, he is a skank, you are not firing on all "self respect" cylinders...now that we have that out of the way, let me just say this-


    I have no further comments.

  4. Just because he is living with someone should mean they are in a relationship, maybe the shitty economy has them financially bound by a lease! I say if you two are grown consenting adults who cares if he is trying to get caught, as long as he leaves you out of the drama why would it matter!

  5. I'd say yes, he wants to get caught, and he has been caught. Why else would she send him to pick up the drycleaning?

    Question is, what are you going to do about it? Does it bother you that you're a side thing? Are you serious about him? If you're not serious, and just having fun, do it wisely and use protection. If you have feelings for him, you're screwed. Like every one else has said, you're prob not the first he's cheated with, and you won't be the last.

  6. Any smart man who is conducting an affair (Yes I'm aware that is an oxymoron...since no smart men conduct affairs) knows better than to make momentos. You don't take anything that can link you to another. You are in their phone under fake name...normally a males...and they make sure that they don't go out in public with the "other woman". He clearly wants to be caught. At the very least he could have kept it in a baggie in his trunk where the spare tire is kept...or some shit like that. I'm just saying...there are ways to avoid being caught. The guy is an idiot!

    I won't pass judgements on being a mistress, or on him cheating...because anyone who has ever read my blog entries, "Mindset of a Mistress" or "Why Men Cheat"...or any others on relationships knows I don't have much faith in fidelity.

    So yes, she knows he his cheating and yes he wants to be caught.

  7. Wow. clearly everyone has strong opinions about this. You are not a mistress. You are a woman who is sleeping with someone who has a girlfriend.

    And no. I don't think he wants to get caught. I think he thinks he could get away with it. Why would she suddenly be in the back of the closet. He wasn't thinking about getting caught. He was thinking about getting away with something. two completely different things.

  8. @ SSW - I don't think it's practical to pretend that she can stay completely removed from the drama. Heck, people get shot over shit like cheating.

    If this woman really is "sending a message" by including the underwear in the laundry, it already suggests a bit of instability. A healthy person would have either confronted the boyfriend or just broken up with him, instead of putting up with his cheating ass.

    As far as the original writer goes - What's in this for you? I mean, if you're just looking for sex and intimacy, there are plenty of guys that will flop on you that aren't married or in a relationship with someone else. Do you just like the chaos? Does his having a lady already mean you don't have to deal with him ever wanting more from you? I'm not getting the angle here, as Frank Reynolds from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia might say.


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