Thursday, October 21, 2010

Relationship Poll

Well I just got five new followers overnight!  That is amazing since I have not had a new follower in a while and bam I got five... SO in order to welcome my new peeps, I think I will do a poll today so we can all get to know each other a little better...

So all my amazing followers.... what is the most romantic thing that has been done for you, or you have done for someone else?

I will go first, however, the men I have had in my life have been on the less romantic side... but a couple of years ago, 'the man' gave me a love letter and it was very special, I still have it, and before that he made me a romantic cd which was also up there on my list.

... The most romantic thing I have ever done... well I would say it is when I wrote 'the man' a poem called 'message in a bottle' and I put it in a bottle for him to find... kinda corny I know...

Now it is your turn...

PS-Keep it up with the awesome comments-you guys rock- and the advice is greatly appreciated... Soon I will post some of the ranters thank-yous and follow ups.... MUAH!


  1. Paul (my bf of near 3yrs) is a spontaneous romantic. It makes the things he says and does even more special because they came from no where. We exchanged love letters on our first valentines, and I always get cutesy texts from him that make my heart flutter.

    The most romantic thing I ever did for him was leave little messages saying "I love you" around his room so that he'd find them and hopefully they'd brighten up his day lol

    Hazel xxx

  2. oh geez. You'd think at 30 I'd have more of these stories to share. haha.
    I guess the most romantic thing anyone did for me was when a guy I had only just started seeing showed up at my place with a care package. I was sick and he brought soup, tissues, cough drops, and a movie. Then he stayed to snuggle while I coughed and sneezed...he even kissed me and didn't care if he got sick. AWWW i sweet.

    The most romantic thing I've ever done is surprise my then special guy with a home made dinner date, one of my special backrubs and then didn't bother him when he was watching the football game...hahaha.

  3. I would have to say that the most romantic thing I've done was my first valentines day/night with my ex-husband.We had no money so I decorated the hallway to the kitchen in cut out paper hearts (I had young children so had plenty of art gear and paper)they were hanging from the ceiling and on the walls and on the floor and at the end of the hallway was the lounge and I made it all dreamy with cushions, and fabrics draped everywhere and more cut-out hearts, the fire was going and we sat on the floor in front of the fire and I fed him food...and blah,blah, blah, you can envision the rest :)

  4. Hooray for new followers! Congratulations!

    Most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me? Brad bought me a ring back when we were together. He went to great lengths to find the size and picked it out himself and he was so excited to surprise me. It was awesome.

    Most romantic thing I ever did? I'm gonna have to think about that one and get back to you. Great question!

  5. i dunno how often you check your followers but since i'm fairly new, here we go!

    after a very long fight, my now husband didn't speak to me for hours. i laid in bed crying, utterly miserably because we'd moved 8 hours from home and we were always fighting

    he finally came in the room about an hour before sunrise and wordlessly led me by the hand to the car where he drove us to the ocean and watched the sun come up and said something along the lines of "this will be the first day of a good relationship, i promise things are going to get better" and they did and now we're married.

    it was sweet and it made me believe in us <3

  6. hmmm that's really hard to answer. My boyfriend has surprised me many times over the years, not always with flowers or chocolates. Sometimes it's the small things he does that seem more romantic, like bringing me food and medicine when i'm sick, or writing me a love letter when we were going through a rough patch.

    I'm not terribly romantic but i think the most romantic thing i ever did for my boyfriend was to write him a poem.


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