Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Follow Up: My Boyfriends Best Friend

So if you remember I got a rant from a gal, as she fooled around with her mans best friend while they were broken up... he had a drinking problem.... well if you cannot remember click on the link and read it again...

Here is how she is doing now...


Thank you and your followers for all of your advice.  I went with the honesty is the best policy option, and I am sad to say that we ended our relationship roughly a month after I told him.  However, the reason why I wanted to email you and let you know what happened is that it turns out everything worked out fine.  Stevie's advice was spot on-I was in a bad situation, and neither of those guys were what I really wanted.  Now I have found someone that I could truly be happy with, and we are doing great-no drinking and we do not fight.

I was scared to lose my ex since we had been together for so long, but really that was the best thing for me-perhaps that is why I chose to sleep with his friend in the first place-subconsciously I knew we would never last after that!

If it was not for you and your followers I may still be stuck, trying to lie my way through a meaningless relationship, and miss out on meeting my new man.  My ex is drinking again, and I worry that it is because of me, but I will never look back-thank-you so much for all of your help!

Yours Truly,

"Couldn't be happier"


  1. HALLELUJAH, AMEN... Glad she took our advice, even tho I think she was thinkin' it anyway and needed feedback... BTW, she should know, people do not define who we are.. only we can do that!. She is empowered! now she can tackle anything that comes her way!. :-)

  2. I'm glad it worked out. My opinon was different than that of the other commenters, but clearly she made the right decision for her.

  3. Aww, I just saw this and am very happy that she has found true happiness in a new relationship!


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