Friday, October 15, 2010

To My Boob Job Girlfriend

To My Beautiful Mexican Girlfriend:

I hope you enjoy the new boobs, that I helped to buy for you.
I didn't know you were going to leave, especially after all I did for you.
especially after supporting you for 2 years, helping you get legal, and even helping your mom get legal.

But this is not about posting bail for your brother, loaning your niece 1400 bucks or moving your apartment 3 times.  This is about you, about us. I miss you, and I do not even know why after you left me.  Did you find something better?  Were you with someone else while we were together?  I thought we were happy, I did everything to make you happy.

I think you were just using me, I do not even know if you ever cared about me or if it was all just lies.

I have been drinking every day, I'm so depressed. Depressed knowing how much I loved you.  I have so many questions, and you have not given me any answers.  Will I ever see you again?

It's been 6 months now, I cannot snap out of it. I do not know if I ever will?

But of course you could care less.


  1. you are so much better than boob job girl

  2. You will get through it...and ditto what Paige said. xx

  3. I am going in the completely opposite direction - You're probably a tool. Frankly, I'm glad you admitted you're depressed, because you sure sound depressed and angry. And controlling. Bailing out family members and paying for breast implants doesn't give you license to control someone's life.

    It's great that you're drinking and what not now, but it's not her fault. It's your fault for using substances to moderate your emotions, instead of taking the hard work to go to a therapist and get better. This whole post is you trying to assert control over her via emotions - whiny, "woe is me" manipulation. Man up and go get some help for yourself, and stop blaming her for your issues.

  4. Sorry, but I think Steve G. is right. You went on and on about money and material stuff, only to turn around and say that it is "not about" money. I'm concerned that you mentioned the breast implants and $1400 first and the "us" part second.

    Was she using you? Probably. But you have to take responsibility for your actions. She may have asked all that of you, but you gave her that stuff and did her those favors. Now you're acting like she owes you something because of it.

    There's a reason I declined when my old boyfriend offered to buy me a car and other stuff I couldn't afford - because I knew that, if and when I ever left him, he would turn it around on me and say, "Look what I did for you!" Unfortunately it seems that this is precisely what has happened.

  5. This is a double edged sword. On the one hand, I do think she may have used you. On the other, I see what Steve is saying. You can't use money or material things to buy someone's affections. The minute you expect someone's loyalty in exchange for material things, is the minute you have placed an expiration date on your relationship.

    Drinking isn't the answer; it's simply a mask. Move on from this girl, find a nice girl, and base your relationship on something more substantial. Best of luck to you--it will get better. :)


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