Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Everythings Fine'

I hate the word fine.  My girlfriend tells me everything is fine when clearly there is something bothering her.  Why can't women just tell us when we f%#$ up?  Like did I miss her birthday, or did something go wrong at her work?  I mean women are supposed to be emotional, yet when something is wrong... 'everythings fine'.  Guys if you ever hear your wife say 'everythings fine', it is the exact opposite, just some words of warning!  I guess I will be sleeping on the couch tonight.


  1. I am guilty of this, how about the rest of you?

  2. Hahahhah is this guy talking about me. I know I do this and I know it is wrong, but it just pours out of my mouth in a snarky tone, I mean if you can take a hint you obviously know I am not fine, but hes right I could just be up front about it, I wonder why women do this?

  3. did you know that f.i.n.e. is military slang/acronym for:

    just thought you'd find that interesting.

  4. There are several reasons why women say "fine."

    Sometimes it's because they're upset and they're not ready to discuss it yet.
    Sometimes it's because they think you should know what you did wrong, and it annoys them that you don't realize what is so glaringly obvious to them.
    And sometimes it's due to the fact that women are raised to please others. You've probably noticed this before where a girl is too nice to those she should just be firm with. It's the same thing here.

    Usually it's all three


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